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New Biscuit media now available for distro! Update from the campaign

Two new flyers are now available to print for biscuit outreach. Come on out to Southwest Oregon!
One is a double sided halfsheet on the ecologically damaging effects of salvage logging, with specific references to the Biscuit plan, the other is an outreach poster for Wild Siskiyou Åction and all of the direct actions in resistance to the salvage logging so far. They both are sized for 8 1/2" by 14" legal paper, formatted for PDF.

The struggle against the aggressive Biscuit recovery plan continues here in Southwest Oregon. Though it pains us to see the decimation of Fiddler and Berry almost complete, we're continuing to plan, monitor, and gather strength for the summer, as more matrix and old growth reserve sales have already been sold and could begin cutting any day now! We encourage folks who would like to come on down to the forest or just lend some support to give us a call soon, as we will definitely be there to confront the earth destroyers when the saws hit the trees!

Thank you to the Stumptown EF! folks, to cascadia rising, and all the amazing people who have supported southwest oregon in our struggle to protect the beautiful mountains and rivers of the siskiyous!

with love, wildness, and solidarity,

Wild Siskiyou Action

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Wild Siskiyou Action


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Two new .pdf flyers are now available to print for biscuit outreach.


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