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Anti-Arnold Rally

Teachers, nurses, firefighters, labor unions rally at the capital
Approximately 10,000 teachers, nurses, firefighters and labor unions rallied against Governor Schwarzenegger and his broken promises to public services.
Country Joe sang "I Feel Like I'm Fixing to Die," his famous anti-Viet Nam War song. The crowd enthusiastically sang along in the heat. Representatives from the so-called special interests groups spoke and told their powerful stories and demanded that Arnold keep his promises to California. An airplane flew the message "California is not for sale!"
Some of the best signs were "K-12 Cop Out," "Girlie Men Don't Break Promises to Kids," "Arnold is a School Yard Bully!" A.N.S.W.E.R. signs saying "Stop Racism and War" and "Stop Racist Minutemen" were prevalent. My favorite sight was the people wearing pink slips, to represent teachers who were pink slipped/laid off.
Arnold was not at the capital.

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Re: Anti-Arnold Rally

"Official" counts of the rally were 25 - 26,000!!

That probably means there were at least 30,000 in Sacramento today!

Huge Union Protest Against Arnold in LA

Huge Union Protest Against Arnold

"About Three thousand public employees attended a rally, “Action Day For a Better California,? in Downtown LA at Pershing Square. Parents, teachers, registered nurses, firefighters and police officers showed up to display their discontentment about Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's policy agenda shortchanging them and their children."

Re: Anti-Arnold Rally

Thank you all teachers, educators, and supporters. For everyone who Marched on the capital, you Marched for all educators. For every one of you who stood and made social-conscious-noise, you represented at least 40 who could not make it. It is sad to see this is not about a fight to improve schools, but rather only a fight to save the minimal resources from being
stripped away. What about the children who need education the most? What about them?


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