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Arnold Runs Down Watsonville Schools!

On May 25, students, teachers and their supporters gathered at the Plaza in Watsonville for a energenic protest against Arnold and his neglect for youth and education. The theme of the demonstration was Broken Promises + Broken Schools = Broken Dreams.
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The Alliance for a Better California, which is a statewide organization that includes labor unions of educators, public service workers, and service employees, called for an Action Day for a Better California to demonstrate against the governor's so-called "reforms." Rallies were also held in Sacramento and Los Angeles.

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Re: Arnold Runs Down Watsonville Schools!

nice shots :)

Re: Arnold Runs Down Watsonville Schools!

thank you for the wonderful article. I was one of the students at the protest and I appreciate the support we got from the press, community and our peers. on behalf of my fellow students i would like to say, "arnold... don't terminate our dreams!'


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