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Free Radicals mp3: Eyebrows

Gloria Edwards - vocals, Nelson Mills III - scat, Ian Varley - electric piano, Marcos Melchor - sax, Chris Anderson - guitar, Theo Bijarro - bass, Nick Cooper - drums
Hear the mp3 of "Eyebrows", from the Free Radicals CD: Aerial Bombardment, copyleft, 2004, 2005

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Big bushy eyebrows are beautiful
I wouldn't be dutiful if I didn't tell you to
grow back your eyebrows they're beautiful,
whoever says otherwise can go to hell.

Eyebrows are there for a function
despite your compunction to pluck them out.
No other species even has them
you don't look human, you look like a trout.

Women should support their sisters,
encourage their freedom,
these double-standards must cease.
Instead they become the oppressors, become the enforcers
become the grooming police

I know a woman's a mammal,
I know she's an animal
and not a porcelain doll
I don't go in much for plucking or make-up or implants
or that kind of beauty at all

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Re: Free Radicals mp3: Eyebrows


Re: Free Radicals mp3: Eyebrows

Thanks for sharing your music! This is song is quite humorous, but makes a legitimate point. I'm going to share it with lots of women/girls I know.

Living in this society takes a toll on most females. All of our lives we are made to feel like objects to be looked at, primarily by men, but also by other judgemental women who help perpetuate this paradigm. As a Celtic female with naturally thick eyebrows and a petite frame (i.e. small breasts), in the past I've often been disappointed in with the body I've been given because it seemed to fall outside of popular culture's parameters of attractiveness. Reflecting on the reality of our biology and the tremendous history of my feminine Celtic ancestors has caused me to embrace these facets of myself that I once regarded as a detriment.

Throughout the history of the Celtic people, women fought alongside men, often both genders without clothing. This particular Celtic fighting tactic was said to have instilled fear in their enemies. How useful are big boobs in such a context? Likewise, eyebrows serve to accentuate an expressive face, yet another way to instill fear in the enemy.

Unlike my ancestors, I've sworn off violence, but I've embraced fighting for justice for all people , living things and our earth. I feel humbled to possess the biological inheritance of many centuries of warriors that have fought before me.

Love your eyebrows!


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