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In times such as these, where the Religious Right is day by day moving this country towards a fundamentalist theocracy, a vibrant movement of resistance is needed.
The religious fanatics all have their missionaries to spread their messages of hate. The theocrats have state power and are slowly moving towards plunging the world into a Dark Age-style religious dictatorship, they are using the power of the state to destroy rights of all who are not like them; women, homosexuals, immigrants, and all non-Christians, or even Christians that don't support the same neo-fascist agenda that the Christian Right does.
We must become foot soldiers of the 'Cultural War.' Why? The government is trying to push the religious agenda as far as possible. That is why it is most necesarry at this point to begin propagating atheism to counteract the fascistic Christian law dreamed of by the Republicans.
I propose a nationally organized, propagandist organization to challenge the Christian Right as they move to deconstruct the law and literally replace it with the Bible.
We must create and distribute literature showing the truth about religion, mainly Christianity. Leaflets and pamphlets can be easily created and distributed. There is already much dispersed throughout the interntet, but there is no organization that is out there, actively promoting scientific understanding. We must gather people and information to spread. By doing this, especially on campuses, we can begin to disintergrate the social base of the Christian Fascists.
We must join forces with any and all groups that oppose the imposition of religion upon our private lives, and the use of religion to justify government policy. The enemy fo my enemy is my friend.
We need people most of all. Any atheist can be of use to the movement, and consequently, of use to the human race. People to write movie and book critiques, study the contradictions of each religion, principally Christianity, and show the fallacy of them. People with knowledge of science to debunk the myth of Creationism. People to distribute literature at schools and in all of society. People that follow the religous influence in the government and it's affects on our lives, and where the Christian Fascists (note: I don't call all Christians fascists, just those that wish to create a theocracy) want to take this country. Any and all atheists concerned about the future should join up with the movement and spread the truth.
We must defend even religious groups that fall under attack by others. When in any case, 'faith' is used to oppress another person, we must fight against it.
We need to formulate a list of demands. These will not be able to be voted into being, as both parties are 'faith-based.' What must be done is a social movement that will crumble the feet of the giant.
There are already a great number of excellent atheist groups throughout the country. I support all of these in the fight against theocracy. But what is lacking is outreach. This is what must be done. The atheist meetup groups ( are a great place to start chapters throughout the country to begin the counter attack of the Cultural War.
I am currently compiling all the atheist literature that I can email anyone that requests it.
Anyone who would like to be part of an organized propaganda network can email me at theocracynow (at) or visit
With Love, T.N.

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