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March Against War, Empire, & Capitalism

March Against War, Empire, & Capitalism.
Palo Alto, California.
June 25.
Destroy the Capitalist War Machine!
March Against War, Empire, & Capitalism
Palo Alto, California

Meet 7pm . Saturday . June 25
Lytton Plaza in downtown Palo Alto
University Ave. at Emerson

Fight Bush
There's a war on - a war between the United States government and the vast majority of the world's population. This war has many faces - the struggles over globalization, corporate empire, and the invasion and occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan - but everywhere the same lines are drawn. Everywhere the US government is acting in the interests of corporations, and everywhere people are being slaughtered, are starving to death, and are watching their lives be torn apart and sold for profit.

Stop the War
This war has to stop. The occupation must end, neoliberalism must be buried, and any attempt to invade Iran must be prevented. The prediction that the US may not have the military or political capacity to wage another war must be fulfilled. Already well over five thousand soldiers have deserted and recruitment is falling far short of the military's goals. It's our responsibility to insure that the US government does not maintain a political or social capacity to continue its war on the world's population.

Destroy Empire
What does this mean? This means we need to step up our resistance - and we need to do it now! The US can only continue its devastating economic pursuits if it can rely on our complacency and the safety of the corporations which it serves. If we act together to take back control out our own lives, environments, and relations, present a serious challenge to government power, and inflict serious economic damage upon the corporations responsible for this war, they won't be able to invade Iran or even continue the occupation of Iraq - and they'll be in a lot more trouble than that!

Dismantle Capitalism
It is not enough to oppose one piece of this horrible puzzle - what we win one place will be taken away somewhere else. From war to globalization, occupation, and all other attacks on working and poor people around the world, to their architect, the G8 - it is the system itself which must be destroyed. As hundreds of thousands converge on Scotland to prevent the leaders of the world's 8 wealthiest countries from meeting to plan their next attack, we must mobilize here to resist it. Converge on downtown Palo Alto this June 25th - destroy their nightmare, make your dreams possible!

Reclaim the Streets!

A Revolutionary Streetparty, a Suburban Insurrection
On May 20th, hundreds of rebellious youth, students, and workers converged on downtown Palo Alto. United by an effective critique of global capitalism - weaving together the dominance of the G8, the monotony of modern urbanism, and alienated suburban boredom - local youth, joined by a small number from around the Bay Area and Central Valley, successfully reclaimed the streets. Marching behind banners exclaiming "Reclaim the Streets!", "Resist the G8, Empire, and Global Capital", and "Live Without Dead Time!", approximately 250 demonstrators (by police and media estimates) left Lytton Plaza on a march which shutdown the entire downtown Palo Alto commercial district for well over an hour.

Reclaim the Streets! Palo Alto

Contact info: anarchistaction (at)

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