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Why in a nation so rich are there still so many who go without the basic necessities?
I ask myself how we as a people can just live our lives knowing that others less and much less fortunate than ourselves suffer tremendously? We can point our fingers and at times with really good reason, but in the end it is all of us as a people who must fight this war. We must first admit to ourselves that there is something we can do. That even if we can offer little it is still better than none at all. Whether it is donating time, money or even donating some used old things. Why is our nations favorite pass time shopping, sports, movies...? Why isn't helping one another a favorite pass time? Or even a part of our upbringing/schooling? These are only a few of my favorite Frequently Unanswered Questions? My solution to all of these questions is to get up and find out what I can do to help and do it. My hope is that you do the same.-Heysuess Loves You

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