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Biscuit Video: In Defense of the Biscuit

In Defense of the Biscuit
A new documentary on Biscuit Logging
threatening the Siskiyou
Wild Rivers Area and an ongoing
community campaign to stop it.
"In Defense of the Biscuit is simultaneously beautiful, heartbreaking, and inspiring. It is the story of one of the most beautiful places on earth, and of the courageous individuals and groups who are defending this place from devastation caused by huge corporations and criminal logging company operators who are protected in their illegal activities by armed (selective) law enforcement officers. Watch this film, and then go join these or other activists on the front lines of forest defense". Derrick Jensen, author, A Language Older Than Words, The Culture of Make Believe.

Produced by: Pat Patterson and Justin Rohde
TRT: 98 min
Year of production: 2005
Medium: VHS/ DVD
Place of production: Southern Oregon
To contact us, write to: video (at) or visit

The Siskiyou Wild Rivers: One of the last, great unbroken, but unprotected wildlands on the Pacific Coast; is the most botanical national forest in the US, has the highest concentration of National Wild and Scenic rivers, and the largest roadless area in Oregon.

The Biscuit Fire: This lightning-caused fire set off a feeding frenzy with the giant timber companies and the Bush Forest Service. They proposed the largest timber sale on public lands in modern history.

The Community: The people spoke out in record numbers to say NO! to this proposed destruction of their wildlands. And when their wishes were ignored, an alliance of young and old organized themselves in non-violent direct-action, In Defense of the Biscuit.

Edited and Filmed by Pat Patterson. Additional Video by Justin Rohde and many others. Produced by Pat Patterson/ Justin Rohde. Additional Portland Tripod Action edit by Sparkle of Portland Indymedia Center.

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