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New Anti-Capitalist Film now re-edited

Calling all anti-capitalists!! “Capitalism and Other Kids’ Stuff? – a popular new film, which argues the anti-capitalist case in simple language, and which has won much acclaim in recent months - is now re-edited and can be viewed and downloaded as a BitTorrent at
This version of the film is a re-edited version of the original that was produced in March, and contains a lot of imagery not seen in the first version.

The film, made by 4 members of The Socialist Party in the UK, is 52 minutes in duration and, beginning with a look at how we treat our children, explains in non-jargonised terms, the insanity of a system that places profit before human need. Please note, this is not some leftie Party political broadcast, just a sane look at an insane world that is very much crying out for real change, change that can only be brought about by a majority, acting in their own interests and without leaders, to bring about a moneyless system society in which people have fee access to the benefits of civilisation.

The film has been viewed since March some 18000 times, and has been screened in several universities across the USA.

For a free info pack covering the issues raised in this film, contact either:

johnbissett (at)


spgb (at)

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