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Kucinich/Abercrombie need help addressing concerns about Iraq Withdrawal

Now's the chance to explain to some congresscritters how you feel about the need to bring the troops home, and the truth about what is happening in Iraq. Some congresscritters people are evil, true...however some are good people whose biggest crime was trusting the president. They have been watching too much Corporate News and have no clue what is really happening. These are the people we need to a respectful manner. Many are probably incredibly embarrassed they have been lied to and have been going along with the entire sham so we need to be gentle with them.
written by Rep.Dennis Kucinich at

For the past month, Congressman Neil Abercrombie (D-HI) and I have been actively engaging several House Republicans in an effort to put together a bi-partisan coalition in support of a House Resolution to establish a date certain for the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq. We have been involved in many long discussions reviewing a range of different proposals to effect a date by which our brave men and women would be brought home.

Yet, in our discussions with our Republican colleagues (and some Democrats), we have encountered several obstacles to moving forward.

1. A feeling that setting a date for withdrawal would encourage insurgents to settle down, wait until the US leaves, and then once again escalate action.

2. A concern that we have lost so many troops already that it would dishonor the memory of those who gave their lives if the US were to withdraw.

3. A belief that we are winning the war and now is not the time to talk about leaving.

How would you respond to these concerns? Go to this section of our discussion
forum and let me know. I will share your responses with my colleagues.

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