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Urban Snoutfitters you suck

Urban out fitters protest sunday june 12 in santa cruz at o'niells plaza across tthe sreet from urban O
>Massive anti urban snoutfitters rally will be taking place at the o'niell plaza sunday june 12 at
twelve noon
across the street from the anti gay, anti voting headquarters themselves free clothes and major respect
will be handed out to those who sign our urban demands wishlist. leafllets will be distributed if you
are to attend.
Help us the radical DANCES WITH KITTENS destroy corporate greed

What To Bring:

Musical instuments
Urban out fitters info (check corporate swine)
anti santorum info check this senator urban outfitters supports him with dough
give away clothes
you and your anti corporate family
the press
rage against the machine
rick santorum
your anti corporate organization (if you have one)
subcommandante marcos
the entire crimethink collective
john zerzan
Fela anikulpo Kuti and dont forget the africa 70
small overworked foreign children (urban outfitters like most businesses these days usescheap foriegn labor)
against me!

Just so you know if you dont already urban out fitters is a major corporate donor for rick santorum the homophobic senator who compares gay marriege to polygamy and incest. They also sell
shirts that say voting is for old people. An lets us not forget that real style comes from and indep[pendant tore and an
more importantly an independant thought not some mass produced

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Think Urban Outfitters is Gay Friendly?


Re: Urban Snoutfitters you suck

I support this Company, about time somebody in Santa Cruz stands up to the Liberal MOB

Re: Urban Snoutfitters you suck

I DON'T support this company and its about time somebody in Santa Cruz stands up to the corporate FACIST state.


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