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Think Urban Outfitters is Gay Friendly? Think Again!

On June 12, a group of local high school students known as DANCES WITH KITTENS organized a rally in front of Urban Outfitters on Pacific Ave. to call attention to the corporation's extreme right agenda.
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Mixed Messages from Urban Outfitters
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Not much business for Urban Outfitters during the rally
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Boycott Urban Outfitters! Spread the word!
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Have a flyer....
I'm all ears....
Pretty in Pink, but not impressed with Urban Outfitters!
All text below is from a flyer passed out by DANCES WITH KITTENS during the rally at Urban Outfitters on June 12, 2005.


Boycott Urban Outfitters!!!

The president of Urban Outfitters gives money to the Republican Party and right-wing senator Rick Santorum. Santorum is one of the most conservative members of the entire US Senate. He has made harsh remarks towards homosexuals. So, by buying from Urban Outfitters you are giving $ to support homophobic causes.

Another reason not to support Urban Outfitters is because of the shirt they sold for a while that said, "Voting is for Old People"! The goal of the shirt is obviously to suppress the youth vote and disenfranchise young people.

All we ask is that you examine the facts and choose to not buy any products from any Urban Outfitters unitl they stop giving money to discrimination and spreading the wrong message. There are plenty of other great places to shop.

Join us in boycotting Urban Outfitters!

For more info check out:


"If the Supreme Court says that you have the right to consensual (gay) sex within your home, then you have the right to bigamy, you have the right to polygamy, you have the right to incest, you have the right to adultery. You have the right to anything." - Rick Santorum


Flyer by Corpy (.pdf)
(the two above links are to the same flyer.....)

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Re: Think Urban Outfitters is Gay Friendly? Think Again!

I agree completely. "Voting is for Old People"!

But obviously being that Urban outfitters supports one of the most invasive and annoying chumps in the senate they are using that truth ("Voting is for Old People"!) to disempower the youth because it is proven that the lower the vote turnout, the better the republicans do.

Lastly even though I agree with the quote ("Voting is for Old People"!), I personally take it my own way, accepting people's own individual perspectives on it and yet my own. Except when it is being used to decieve for alterior motives other than its literal/symbolic meaning which translated on long the planes - that voting is an old practice which must be repaired, reborn and/or replaced. Personally I dont take it as an attack towards elders either, only that "voting" is old and can only be related to by elders as if voting ever really worked profoundly.

Maybe I'm just too radical. Nah.

Anyways, good work on slowing down their biz for the day. I'll spread the word.

A friend from the CUNY struggle.


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