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PIX: Cindy and Craig Corrie @ SC Vets Hall

Rachel Corrie's parents, Cindy and Craig, spoke at the Vets Hall on Sunday evening. Khaled and Samah Nasrallah, whose home Rachel was defending when she was crushed by an Israeli bulldozer, also spoke.
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Becky Johnson, local rep for racist anti-Arab group Dafka, attempted to write down the names of persons whom had signed up on the mail list. She was intercepted and prevented from doing so.

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Re: PIX: Cindy and Craig Corrie @ SC Vets Hall

Great shots. Got any of the Nasrallah family?

Becky Johnson Really IS an Agent for Racist Groups

Becky Johnson said that "Dafka is not an 'anti-Arab' organization."

I grabbed this from another post on sc-imc. You decide for yourself:

Becky Johnson is the official representative in this area (Santa Cruz) for a group called DAFKA. On DAFKA's general info page, they state "Let’s face it... the Arabs are simply too primitive to make any viable lasting peace and until they adopt democratic principles and adhere to laws against violence as in any civilized society there can be no secure peace with them."

Becky Johnson and her co-conspirator/lover, Lee Kaplan, believe that they are under attack from "Islamic Arab Fascists" and are defending themselves/Israel in the "Oslo War... against the world’s attempt to dismantle the Jewish State."


Also, Becky Johnson claims that she "was not "intercepted" or "prevented" from doing anything."

And yet in the very next paragraph, she admits that she was writing down the name(s) of certain persons who had signed onto the list. Why does Becky do this? Perhaps it has something to do with her ongoing work in expanding and detailing the information found in an ugly, McCarthy-style blacklist created by racist/fascist David Horowitz. She has admitted that she has engaged in such actions previously.

Becky was most certainly "intercepted" while engaging in this dispicable act. Perhaps, unfortunately, we were unable to wholly prevent her from it.

In the future, the best way to prevent such things from occurring would be for activists to refuse to allow Becky Johnson from attending their meetings and/or events.


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