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The Iraqis Are Coming! (6/19)

The Iraqis Are Coming to San Jose on Sunday, June 19, to Talk to YOU About How the U.S. Occupation Affects Their Lives!
1:30-3:30 p.m.
SEIU Local 715, 2302 Zanker Rd., San Jose
(between Brokaw & Trimble)

Learn from two officers of the General Union of Oil Workers in Basrah about what the occupation has meant for working people and the labor movement. Both of these officers will speak and answer questions:

* Hassan Juma'a Awad Al Asada—union president and father of three daughters and three sons.
* Faleh Abbood Umara—union general secretary and father of two sons and two daughters.

These two Iraqi labor leaders will speak and answer questions on:

* How the U.S. still enforces Saddam Hussein’s 1987 law banning unions for most Iraqi workers
* How workers have successfully resisted privatization of Iraqi work places
* Why the oil workers’ union calls for an immediate end to occupation and for dismantling of all military bases

Learn what you can do to support these courageous workers and help Iraqis to build a sovereign, democratic nation ruled in the interests of all the Iraqi people. Find out what you can do to end the occupation, to bring all U.S. troops safely home, and to invest our resources in meeting human needs.

Refreshments served.

Donation: $5 requested, but no one turned away

Sponsors: SEIU Local 715 Civil and Human Rights Committee, South Bay AFL-CIO Labor Council,
South Bay Mobilization, and South Bay Labor for Peace and Justice

For info, write to info (at), call 408-241-2868, or visit

For carpools from Santa Cruz: rides_to_sj (at)

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Download the Flyer for the Iraqi Labor Event

05.0619.iraqitour_2up.pdf (158 k)
Flyer for the Iraqi Labor Event, Sunday, June 19th

Re: The Iraqis Are Coming! (6/19)

How about working to make the United States a sovereign democratic nation by kicking out the United Nations from areas of American life in which it does not belong? Or are national sovereignty and democracy only tools to you in achieving an ulterior political motive?

Serious questions raised about "Iraqi Labor Tour"


Re: The Iraqis Are Coming! (6/19)

"What if you were to actually contact the organizaitons involved and ask, instead of anaoymously posting suspicions about unidentified people?"

Re: The Iraqis Are Coming! (6/19)

Actually these labor leaders are NOT anonymous as the poster tries to insinuate, they list their names and this can be seen on the labor against war website.

Could SOMEBODY be trying to discourage people from coming to this event right before it happens? Kind of makes you wonder, doesn't it?

Re: The Iraqis Are Coming! (6/19)

June 18 / 19, 2005

Behind the IFTU Controversy
Does Iraq's Main Labor Union Support the Occupation?


A tour of the U.S. by Iraqi labor leaders has highlighted a controversy about that country's best-known labor federation-the Iraqi Federation of Trade Unions (IFTU).

The debate hinges on the IFTU's support for the U.S. occupation, its close ties to the former occupation-appointed government of Iyad Allawi, its takeover of assets and membership lists from Saddam Hussein's government-controlled unions, and its status under the occupation-appointed regime's Decree Number 16 as the sole legal union federation in Iraq today.


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