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History of underground music in Santa Cruz County

WikiSCUM is a project to develop a Web-based encyclopedia of historic and contemporary underground music in Santa Cruz County, California.
Santa Cruz County has 28 years of punk history to its name. i've been doing my best to compile that history - but there's no way i can do it alone. so i've created a site that allows anyone to add information they know. It is called WikiSCUM. Wiki is the name of the software; SCUM stand for Santa Cruz Underground Music. check it out:

once you get a hang of it, it is really quite simple. It is interactive; it is collaborative; it is dedicated to documenting the history and currency of the underground music scene in Santa Cruz County.

i welcome you to add all the info you know - even if it brief, even if it is current. that which is current will be history tomorrow.

-oliver brown

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Re: History of underground music in Santa Cruz County

Thanks for setting this up, Oliver!

I was on the SCUM email list once and was invited to a lot of great shows that i would not have known about otherwise. is fantastic and it is great to see that it is already getting so much use. Free Open Source Software is the way to go! This is very much in the DIY ethic of Santa Cruz Underground Music.

I see that the first year for music is 1977

Is it possible that there were punk shows in Santa Cruz before this time? What was it about the year 1977 that got the punk scene going in Santa Cruz?

This is such a fantastic project.

Long live DIY art in Santa Cruz.

Re: History of underground music in Santa Cruz County


I'm glad you're excited about the site. Open sources is definitely a kick-ass way to get things done. And Wiki fits completely into the ethics of collaboration and consensus.

In regards to 1977, I've been pouring through Good Times microfilms at the SC Public Library - and the first mention of anything punk were the Tubes show and then JJ180. If anyone knows of anything earlier, I'd love to know about it. I didn't move here until 1993.

Over the next week I'll be going through more microfilms to fill out events and bands from the 1980s.

Happy editing,


Re: History of underground music in Santa Cruz County

Awesome!! Thanks Oliver would like to interview you on Freak Radio Santa Cruz about the site
email me skidmarkbob (at) of course i had to add my band Jus Kiddin The most arrested/ticketed band downtown back in the day!!
Thanks again.

Wiki SCUM of the Earth

Santa Cruz Underground Music (SCUM)

Re: History of underground music in Santa Cruz County

Cool stuff. Thanks for the effort. Don't forget club culture. That was a cool all ages venue.


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