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New Zine Newswire! at Madison IMC

Announcement of a new zine feature on the IMC, read on for details...
The IMC and the Madison Zine Fest have joined to create a new feature on the Indymedia site. A newswire devoted to zines has been created in which zinesters can announce information about their work, and get in touch with other local zinesters.

This newswire can be used in any way that is related to zines; to announce a new issue, to publicize a zine, to post your contact information for ordering issues, or to make announcements about zine-related events. When you post a piece and want it top be a part of this feature, make sure that you select the category "zines" and it will be added to the newswire.

The Madison Zine Fest and the IMC are interested in fostering independent media, and we welcome anyone with information about zines to post here and to respectfully discuss the zine scene in Madison or elsewhere.

For more information about zines in general, and what has been happening in Madison, visit:

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