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Dump Bush and the Congress he rode in on

author: Sasha Bergman

In the Northwest, most people I know have (at least) a healthy dose of scepticism towards Federal Government solutions to our problems. Even outside the more liberal population centers of Portland and Seattle, many Northwesterners have rejected the new paradigm and started working towards a better future.
All around, farmers' markets are spreading like wildfire, though these blazes only really threaten WalMart, Albertsons, and petro-chemical dependence. Or, take "conservative" Idaho. The State legislature (thanks to pressure from the grassroots) has issued a memorandum against Bush's USA Patriot act, and last June a jury told federal prosecutors that they would not accept bogus charges against a University of Idaho Student charged with supporting terror by making websites. In short, folks around these parts are into actively shaping their future, rather than following the leader.

I suspect that here again, now, normal people from Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah, Montana, and Wyoming (and beyond) will want to start fixing what ails D.C. (not the other way around). Congress has "copped-out" (as Ralph Nader calls it) and failed to stand up to this Administration and their lies. Congress has allowed more than 1,700 Americans (and at least 22,000 Iraqis) to be killed in a war nobody's really sure why we're fighting or how we'd even win.

The beautiful part is that, with frustation nearing the boiling point, it shouldn't be that hard to take the government back from the rich and powerful who demand the voiceless poor fight and die. Here's how to do it.

First visit the People's Email Network ( ) and send a note to your Senators and representative demanding they investigate the Downing Street Minutes. While you're there put ALL your friends' email addresses in the "invite" box and they'll get a letter asking them to do the same. The (Portland) readership won't be enough--they need thousands upon thousands of requests. The first step is letting these idiots in Washington feel the groundswell of anger about Bush leading more than 1700 of our kids to a senseless death.

Secondly, assuming your "representatives" politely tell you to get bent, turn the heat up just a little. Do something like what Ralph Nader suggested. Get a few dozen folks to sign a letter demanding they meet with you (their constituents) and some local media to answer a few questions. Such as, 1) Have you read the Downing Street Memos? (There are more than one of these bad boys.) 2) If Bush lied to Congress (that's you, buddy) are you willing to vote for his impeachment? 3) When will you demand our soldiers come home? I'm sure you can think of some more. (Or check out this link: ) If they don't agree to meet with you, tell them you will get double the signatures. If they still refuse, picket in front of their offices. Let the rest of their voters see how Mr./Ms. Beltway won't even talk with the people they represent.

Finally, (and assuming you're old enough), run for Congress in 2006. No need to have a bunch of mumbo-jumbo, just run on a handful of issues. 1) Impeach Bush for negligent manslaughter of thousands of Americans. If he's already been impeached by then, then run to impeach whatever fool is currently trying to pass themselves off as representing you. These spineless wimps are everybit as much of the problem as Dubya. Judging by where we are now, anyone in charge deserves to be fired. 2) Bring the troops home in an orderly fashion, yesterday. 3) No more CAFTA, FTAA, NAFTA, WTO alphabet soup non-sense.

Throwing out ALL the bums is our the best hope at stopping America's Imperial suicide. Future leaders need to recognize that though the American people will always defend themselves against all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC -- we will no longer tolerate wars of choice or leaders who choose them. If we don't stand up soon, we'll be no better than Congress.

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