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USA puts farmers and Gardeners in Prisons. Are You next?

Monsanto Keeps Up Attack on Seed Saving Farmers and Gardeners, and is destroying local Family farmers.

Will the USA coporaton Monsanto take away your Job and ravish your Family?
As if U.S. farmers weren't in enough trouble, now the "seed police" are after them. Monsanto, the world leader in genetically modified grains, is pursuing fines and jail sentences for farmers who use their seed in noncontractual ways-such as saving it and sowing it the next season. The Center for Food Safety has released an investigative review of Monsanto's use of U.S. patent law to crack down on farmers.

Monsanto has filed 90 lawsuits against U.S. farmers in 25 states that involve 147 farmers and 39 small businesses or farm companies, according to the report.

*500: The number of U.S. farmers under investigation annually by Monsanto.

*$10 million: Monsanto's annual budget (plus 75 staff) devoted to investigating and prosecuting U.S. farmers.

*$15,253,602: The total recorded judgments granted to Monsanto for farmer

*$3,052,800: The largest recorded judgment in favor of Monsanto as a result of a farmer lawsuit.

*8 months: The prison sentence given to a Tennessee farmer convicted of violating an agreement with Monsanto.

Sources: "Monsanto vs. U.S. Farmers 2005" (The Center for Food Safety); The Associated Press.


USAID forces other countries to use GE Crops and destroy Local Farmers:

USA forces Iraq to use GE Food:
Are our local Family Farmers next on the Hit List?

GE Food:

USA Chemical Pesticides are devastating Children worldwide.
Is your family safe?

Is your family at risk? Is there a body bag with child's name on it?

Keep our country and community strong like a rock. Please ban all GM foods from our country. Please refrain from purchasing or consuming any product containing GM materials. Please support LOCAL Organic FAMILY farmers. Please use sustainable technology. Please help disabled people, older people and poor people to grow their own organic food. Luke 10:29 THANK YOU for your help and God Bless America.

Please email this web page to friends and to electronic Bulletin Boards. Please print out & distribute.
Please share this information with other people. THANK YOU ~ God bless you.

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Re: USA puts farmers and Gardeners in Prisons. Are You next?

Well don't sign the contract then! A deal is a deal! Dont promise not to do something, and promise to pay the price if you were to do it, then do it anyway, and then complain that it's unfair!

Monsanto and RoundUp

The active ingredient of Roundup is N-(phosphonomethyl)glycine (shortened to Glyphosate). It is absorbed through the leaves and acts to inhibit the production of an essential plant and bacterial enzyme called enolpyruvylshikimate-phosphate synthase (EPSPS).

Glyphosate is the same active ingredient as is found in ‚ÄúRodeo‚Ä? and ‚ÄúAccord‚Ä? as well as Monsanto‚Äôs ‚ÄúRoundup‚Ä?.

The initial studies of the toxicity of Glyphosphate done by Monsanto at the time the product was released to the market have been ruled to have been fraudulent. In addition New York State’s Attorney General in two lawsuits has successfully challenged Monsanto’s advertising claim that their product is harmless.

There have been very few scientific studies of the toxicity of RoundUp, but strong anecdotal evidence does exist. In humans RoundUp has been linked to central nervous system damage, body swelling in legs, face and abdomen; visual, hearing, taste, and smell disturbances; balance disorder; body-wide muscle twitches and tics; seizure disorder; muscle paralysis; peripheral neuropathy; loss of gross motor skills and loss of fine motor skills.

A child who swam in a canal contaminated with high levels of RoundUp in Florida was paralyzed for five years and suffered severe nerve damage afterwards. (The Progressive, July 1987)

Studies in animals have found that female animals are much more susceptible to the toxicity of RoundUp than males.

In addition in a study on ‚ÄúVision‚Ä?, a glyphosate product by Monsanto, revealed that it contained 1,4-dioxane at a level of 350 ppm. (Monroe). 1,4-dioxane is carcinogenic, and is known to damage the liver, kidney, brain, and lungs.

I can see no conceivable reason to justify spraying RoundUp around a yard where humans and animals live, but Monsanto has convinced massive numbers of people around the world to do just that.

In addition Monsanto has now developed genetically modified Soybeans and Canola that can withstand massive amounts of Roundup poisoning and 90 percent of these crops are now grown through this method of extremely toxic agriculture that will result in many known and unknown problems for the environment and human health.

Re: USA puts farmers and Gardeners in Prisons. Are You next?

A deeper NON-PARTISAN investigation into that story also revealed a prior history of neurological disease in both him, his mother, and his mother's immediate family. It had nothing to do with anything the child was ever exposed to.

Re: USA puts farmers and Gardeners in Prisons. Are You next?

Obviously "Anonymous Poster", you are no source for us since you have not even left us your name.

So I ask: What is your source anonymous poster? Who were your supposed non-partisan investigators and who was it that paid them. Where were their results published?

Re: USA puts farmers and Gardeners in Prisons. Are You next?

You are correct "Argue", there was no study, I just made it up for shits and giggles.


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