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WAMM Co-Founder Weighs In For Reform of City Medical Marijuana Law

A letter dated May 15, 2005 was sent to the Santa Cruz City Council by WAMM Co-Founder Valerie Corral.
The text is reprinted below.

Dear Honorable Councilmembers:

I am writing concerning the current ordinance SC2000-06 and the respective regulations SC2000-12. Since the ordinance became law in 200 there has been little action to sujpport the establishment of compassionate access through regulated "dispensaries" or "provider organizations". While I support the ordinance in theory, it appears that the regulations have become burdensome. They are a hindrance to establishing outlets for safe and affordable medical marijuana.

For example: SC2000-12 substantially limits areas in which providers may open compassionate access facilities to serve the seriously ill members of our community. Without safe access sick people may well be forced to the Black Market. This seems an unnecessary situation.

For more than a decade Santa Cruz has led the nation as a model in compassionate acess through a collective response to an injustice that harms sick people. Yet, examining policy from time to time may reveal a need to modify existing law, especially when it does not benefit those it was intended to support. After nearly 5 years there has been no significant success in supporfting the opening of a provider organization, zoning restrictions limit the areas where a club can open. We have no clubs in Santa Cruz. In truth, not enough patients are being served. I think we can safely assume that the regulations must be relaxed. I echo the sentiment of many in our community.

Notwithstanding the eventual findings of Raich v. Ashcroft, our civic leaders are met with the challenge of protecting our citizens. WAMM is able to offer marijuana to only a modest number of seriously ill people. This leaves many unserved and unprotected. It would benefit all to offer something that really helps people to relieve the suffering. We could make a great law that works, one that our entire country could emulate.


Valerie Corral
WAMM, Director

The Wo/Men's Alliance for Medical Marijuana

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Feds Target Pot Dispensaries in California

Feds Target Pot Dispensaries in California

Published: June 22, 2005

Filed at 11:27 p.m. ET

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) -- Federal drug agents launched a crackdown on medical marijuana providers in California Wednesday, raiding more than 20 dispensaries and charging two people.

In San Francisco, drug agents searched three pot clubs and more than 20 homes and businesses, capping a two-year investigation into an alleged marijuana trafficking ring. Officials would not say how many people were arrested or give other details, pending a news conference Thursday.



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