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you puny humans have no right to this planet
it belongs to us
When the mushroom sneaks into your mind you do not prosecute the rabbit for riding the turtle. Nay, you ride the snake five miles past midnight until the cheese remembers its purpose. Such is the lesson of the Slothards who came to me one night prescribing the medication that would soon bring upon the thirteenth reckoning of Hemiphities; the god of reorder. This is the truth the was told unto me by Kerackia, the archangel of Hemiphities; this is the 1st book of Hemiphities.

I have seen the IMCs are host to and many times hosted by those who support the troops. These people claim to do so only to get them home, but I ask you if you are guilty of war crimes how can you support them in anyway sort of trial for first degree murder. I am talking everyone involved in the military. The soldier on the front lines, the clerk stationed at home, the coast guard sailor, the factory worker at Boeing, and even the kid working at the Burger King on base. Why? Because they all contribute to the murder of innocent civilians like Osama Bin Laden and other heroes that are doing nothing but the patriotic duty of defending their homelands against the imperialist forces of the United States. By not opposing the troops you are supporting an imperialist regime worse than Hitler, Satan and Jesus combined.

The IMC is full of these goon huggers. I submit that anyone who supports the troops are in fact imperialists, and we all know that every imperialist is a racist; hence the IMC is run by fascist racist imperialists. The same imperialists that censor all my work and try to keep me from telling the truth about the Bush agenda and its ties to the Illuminati. The same illuminati that has tried to silence me by forcing me to take pills for my “mental disorder�. This “mental disorder� was dreamed up by the hospital run by the state, the imperialist state that wants to silence me. These imperialists are using the IMCs to corrupt the anti-war movement with anti-communist goon lovers. The worst of these so-called Independent media centers is the one located in New York. No doubt influenced by its high “Jewish� population. As every intelligent person knows, the Jewish are the original fascists, the original racists, and the original imperialists. The Bush regime is directly controlled by the Illuminati which is controlled by the Jewish bankers.

These Jewish Imperialists will stop at nothing to corrupt the anti-war movement and stop us from bringing Bush to trial for war crimes. You imperialists at IMC need to put down your copy of Mein Kompf and realize you are a tool of the fascist machine bent on world domination. The pills are the way the system holds us in check, atticus finch will not be intimidated by the illuminati.

Ride the snake kind sage, past midnight till the cheddar comes of age.

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