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Cumann na Saoirse Náisíunta re-launches website

Cumann na Saoirse Náisíunta re-launches website
Cumann na Saoirse Náisíunta, (The National Irish Freedom Committee) invites you to visit their re-launched website with a new look and user friendly navigation tools.

The site is anchored by the NIFC campaigns that are listed below and includes an NIFC news section, online Radio Free Eireann weekly shows from WBAI 99.7 in NY, an on-line virtual classroom for learning the Irish language, political satire and cartoons by Brian Mor O'Baoighill, an Irish shop, NIFC produced videos and archived articles and letters


OUR EXILED FOREBEARS AWARENESS CAMPAIGN will engage in cultural related activities for the purpose of providing a medium to raise the cultural and historical level of awareness amongst those of Irish heritage to ensure that our cultural heritage, values, and Fenian traditions are preserved for future generations of Irish-Americans.

The NIFC will support other Irish-American organizations engaged in promoting our cultural heritage. In addition, the NIFC will pursue its own initiative to raise the level of awareness of Irelands' struggle for its independence in a reunited sovereign nation free to determine and charter its own destiny.

THE IRISH REPUBLICAN ACTIVISTS SUPPORT CAMPAIGN will engage in activities to support the dependants of Irish Republican political activists, through Cabhair in Ireland, who are harassed and prosecuted by British and Irish authorities for promoting Eire Nua.

This undertaking is an obligation inherent in the NIFC’s founding principles as espoused by Wolfe Tone i.e. 1) to unite the whole people of Ireland regardless of religious conviction and 2) to break the connection with England, the never-ending source of all political evil.

THE EIRE NUA AWARENESS CAMPAIGN will endeavor to increase the level of awareness in the U.S. of the Irish authored Eire Nua political program and the proposals contained therein to achieve a just and lasting peace in Ireland

The NIFC will also endeavor to engage political leaders, the media and the American public in bringing pressure to bear on the U.S. government to reverse its selective visa denial policy directed at Eire Nua proponents. Eire Nua is a comprehensive Irish formula for a just and lasting peace in Ireland in the context of a British withdrawal. More importantly Eire Nua is an Irish alternative to the faltering British-initiated Good Friday Agreement, an arrangement that after many years in existence is still ineffective.

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