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he mujahedeen and al Qaeda are one in the same folks!

For those who might remember back in the 1980's when Russia tried invading Afghanistan and had to fight the Mujahedeen?
Well, folks, after watching Democracynow (June 22, 2005) and listening to Amy Goodman discuss what was put up on the web by the "mujahedeen" to the news agency Aljazeera it came to me! The report stated the the Mujahedeen asked why Aljazeera did not give credit to them (meaning al Qaeda) in reporting the news out of Iraq (or words to that effect). Watch or listen to what Amy Goodman stated during the broadcast of June 22, 2005.

We (meaning our CIA) trained the Mujahedeen to fight against Russia when it (Russia) tried invading Afghanistan during the late 1970's through mid 1980's.

Osama bin Laden is the CIA's asset, was trained at the "School of the America's" to fight russia back then.

Now fast forward to 2001. Morning of September 11, 2001, the WTC and the pentagon are hit by airplanes hijacked by al Qaeda operatives. (Now what our mainstream media did not state is the Mujahedeen and al Qaeda are one in the same folks.)

Meaning that they (mainstream) left out some really important info that day about making the connection between the Mujahedeen and al Qaeda being trained here in America as a terrorist group at the School of the America's in Georgia. CIA trained and funded armed terrorist groups, including Osama bin Laden.

That would shed some light on the subject as to why george w. bush went to thank the CIA after September 11, 2001. Since Osama bin Laden was/is a CIA Asset trained to be terrorist in the state of Georgia at the now famous School of the America's.


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Re: he mujahedeen and al Qaeda are one in the same folks!

The Mujahedeen were not just trained by the CIA, they were given BILLIONS of dollars in U.S. military aid. Had the U.S. not been so intent on destroying the Soviet friendly PDPA government, a government that was carrying out reforms for women's rights and literacy, the Mujahedeen and their spin-off Taliban would have never come to power, nor would the September 11th attacks ever have happened.


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