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Youth Against Hate (ARA Network Conference) 2005!

From August 5th – 7th, ARA Toronto will be hosting Youth Against Hate (ARA Network Conference) 2005!
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From August 5th – 7th, ARA Toronto will be hosting Youth Against Hate (ARA Network Conference) 2005! The conference is slated to take place in downtown Toronto, and promises to be attended by hundreds of anti-fascist / anti-racism activists from across Canada, Quebec, the First Nations, and the United States. This, the 12th conference of its kind, will be an excellent opportunity for activists from different communities to come together to discuss racism, sexism and homophobia as it relates to their lives and effective ways to counter discrimination and hatred.

The conference will consist of keynote speakers, ARA Network plenaries, workshops and other activities. Please note that ARA Network plenaries are closed to anyone who is not a member of an ARA Network chapter. All other events will be open to any conference attendee.

All members of Anti-Racist Action are invited to attend this conference. In addition, other activists, concerned citizens and invited media are also welcome to attend, but must be sponsored by an Anti-Racist Action Network chapter. If you are not a member of an ARA Network chapter but wish to attend the conference, please contact the ARA Network chapter nearest you to request their sponsorship. Attendees will be billeted at the conference site and meals will be provided. Child care will also be available.

If you wish to attend the conference but the cost of travelling to Toronto is prohibitive, you may wish to apply for a travel subsidy. A limited number of travel subsidies will be made available for persons travelling a round-trip distance of over 2000km and will be allocated according to criteria established by the conference organizing committee.

Early registration is encouraged. Please return the registration form via email to the address provided at the bottom, by July 1st, 2005. Suggested donations for the conference are: $10 per day (employed / professional) / $8 per day (unemployed / student). Your registration includes a conference folder jam-packed with information, billeting (i.e. a place to stay / sleep if needed for the duration of the conference), nourishing meals each day, local transportation if requested (day-pass on the TTC), evening festivities and beverages, admission to a Rock Against Racism concert, and much more!

Workshops / seminars / panels will include: Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia, Advanced Research and Monitoring Techniques: Part 3,Righteous Violence: Revisiting the Baldies, First Nations vs. KKKanada, Tackling Sexism and Misogyny Within the Left, Trans Issues and Realities in Canada, Neo-Fascists & The State, Prisoner Justice and Solidarity, U.S. War Resisters in Canada, Confronting and Organizing Against Police Brutality, The Struggle for Palestinian Sovereignty and Liberation, White Privilege 101, and much more!

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