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3 day hunger strike in WV

One woman takes on Beaver Coal to protect the cemetery in which her family is burried.
A Raleigh County, West Virginia woman has just completed a three day hunger-strike to protect a century-and-a-half old cemetery where most of her family is buried. Ronda Watson says she will not back down until plans to develop atop the Raleigh Cemetery are scrapped. Shotgun Tower Mountain, where the cemetery is located, is situated South of the town of Beckley, off of Beaver Creek. It is owned by the land-speculating firm, Beaver Coal.
Amidst the blooming tiger lilies and vinca vines lie the graves of coal miners, their families, as well as unmarked graves of African and European immigrants. Houses have already been built atop many of the unmarked graves, which were simply ignored. Watson's hunger-strike has raised awareness of the pending deal between Beaver Coal and private land developers.

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