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Timeline of Some of the Year’s Kick Ass Actions at UCSC & Community!

...see y’all next year!
Timeline of Some of the Year’s Kick Ass Actions at UCSC & Community!

September 29- US Marshalls and FCC Agents raid Free Radio Santa Cruz but FRSC soon goes back on the air

November 10-Students, Community Members and Politicians stand in solidarity with UC Service Workers (AFSCME) as workers’ bargain for a better contract with the UC. Rally organized by the Student and Worker Coalition for Justice (SWCJ)

Winter Quarter- First inter-org dinner, SUA and others start a movement to connect up various student orgs., including weekly meetings and quarterly dinners.

January 20-Inaugurate the people turns out 400 protesters in SC, UCSC Students Against War (SAW) formed after a apeak out against Bush and the war.

January 24-Ralph Nader speech

January 26-students a faculy protest against proposed cuts to languages results in keeping Arabic and Hindi safe for another year

January 27-CUE solidarity rally held at bargaining session, organized by SWJC

February 12-KFC protest on Mission over cruelty to animals

February 14-Where is the Love?: The welcoming of new Chancellor Dencie Denton, SWCJ organized protest and occupation of the office of Planning and Budget

February 16-Naomi Klein @UCSC

February 23-Amy Goodman @UCSC

March-Comercio Justo helps wins sweatshop free uniforms for workers at UCSC

March 3-Students Against War Teach-in

March 11-Winning of Taco Bell boycott

April-Student Initiated Outreach weekend: ASF, DHE. ORALE

April 5-SAW Counter Recruitment Action kicks military recruiters off UCSC campus

April 14-AFSCME 3299 STRIKE shuts down campus and leads to a better contract

April 15-Comerico Justo holds Anti-CAFTA rally

April 18-22-Tent University (April 18-Police arrest and brutalize students who refuse to leave the base of campus)

April 20-Student walkout against budget cuts organizef by Action in Defense of Education (AIDE)

April 21- Multicultural festival with Dialated Peoples

April 22,23- FSA organizes a filapino cultural celebration

April 28-Bobby Seale @UCSC

April 29-DA drops charges of the 19 arrested @TU in brutal police attacks

April & May- SAW holds weekly “weapon’s inspections? on Science hill

May- Save Rainbow Theatre protest

May 1-Mayday Parade downtown, 100 Aniversary of IWW, Reel Work Film Festival

May 7-Anarchism NOW Conference

May 4-War Resister Camilo Mejia Speech and Mayor proclaims it an honoary
Day in his name

May 13-TUSC Rally for free speech zones and multiple other student demands

May 16-19-Drug Awareness Week

May 19-Take Back the Night

May 21,21- Biofeuls Conference

May 25- Students disrupt UC Regent’s


June- CUE strike?

...see y’all next year!

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