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flag burning party in Santa Cruz

The Santa Cruz radio station 101.1FM was reporting a flag burning event on Friday July 1 on the beach. 'freak' radio is great, and I am consistently amazed at how they are able to fill up their channel with richer content and very few hours where they plug in a rebroadcast tape. They had some interesting readings going on this evening. I arrived a bit late and took photos.
photos and story by Hilda:
photos and story by Hilda:

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Re: flag burning party in Santa Cruz

Thanks! I hadn't made my way over here yet.

It would be neat if anyone wanted to express their opinions about organizing this. I talked to people but didn't journalistically ask questions about motivations and so forth.

Re: flag burning party in Santa Cruz

I'm on my way, bringing a Palestinian flag to add to the festivities

Re: flag burning party in Santa Cruz

All flags are fair game. Don't forget the Israeli flag too!

Re: flag burning party in Santa Cruz

Flags are a stupid invention of men when they engaged in hand to hand compat. During the chaos of carnage, a flag bearer had to wave a flag to rally the troops during a retreat.

This re-run insanity has been going on for more than 5,000 years after they destroyed the peaceful Goddess societies (the Chalice and the Blade by Riane Eisler).

Flags are tools of war and are a primitive relic of an outdated male-supremacist tribal mindset.

The only non military flag is the Earth Flag, an image of Earth set against a dark blue background. this is the only flag that matters Humans cant keep on overbreeding and killing each other and wrecking the environment like billions of crazed naked monkeys.

Enough already. Lets evolve, not devolve. Or Mother Earth will take care of business via famine.

Re: flag burning party in Santa Cruz

>Humans cant keep on overbreeding
>and killing each other and
>wrecking the environment like
>billions of crazed naked monkeys.

While some other primates occasionally kill each other, humans are the only primates who overbreed and/or wreck the environment.

Please don't denigrate monkeys for acts which they would never commit.

Re: flag burning party in Santa Cruz

Correct. My apologies to the monkeys,

More Flag Burning Coverage Archived

Some interviews and commentary from the July 1st flag burning party are archived at under "Bathrobespierre's Broadsides"-- the July 7th show (labeled "5-07-03") --about 3/5 of the way through the broadcast.

Re: Flag burning party

Click on image for a larger version

Seen around the Capitola area.
Here's yet another way to celebrate the flag.

Re: flag burning party in Santa Cruz

Hello Santa Cruz,
I posted my statement on your indy media and then had a chance to browse more and see the reports and sweet photos of the flag burning at the beach which was great to see! This is just the kind of spirit and defiance that is definitely needed now. I hope to meet you all in the future. Right now I am very much involved in the "The World Can't Wait! Drive Out the Bush Regime!" and the call to make November 2, the anniversary of Bush's "election" a day of massive defiance and resistance. I hope you all will take this up there in a big way. Check out
And keep fighting.
Joey Johnson

Flag Billboard Going Through Changes

The Flag display, mentioned above by two-eyes, is at 38th Avenue and Brommer. It recently underwent two more "updates".

The "War Crimes, More War Crimes, and Torture Is A War Crime" were whitewashed out.

Several days after the whitewash, a new message appeared: "U.S. Out"

More updates as they happen.

Re: flag burning party in Santa Cruz

good job!


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