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Pastors for Peace at the Santa Cruz Farmer's Market

On July 6, the "Pastors for Peace Caravan to Cuba" bus was parked on Cedar St. Amigos de Cuba (Friends of Cuba), Santa Cruz County, USA spoke with many people about the "Cuban Five" and the US embargo on Cuba. It was a beautiful Wednesday afternoon, and lots of people were out and about at Santa Cruz's weekly farmer's market.
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To learn more about Pastors for Peace, go to their website at:

To learn more about the Cuban Five, check out their site at

To learn how you can support legislation to end the ban on travel and trade with Cuba, go to

To become involved in next year's Pators for Peace Caravan to Cuba, email cubastudygroup (at)

To hear about upcoming events, email cubastudygroup (at)


Comité Nacional por la Libertad de los Cinco Cubanos


Gerardo Hernández
2 Life Sentences

Antonio Guerrero
Life Sentence

Ramon Labañino
Life Sentence

Fernando González
19 Years

René González
15 Years
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Re: Pastors for Peace at the Santa Cruz Farmer's Market

This Friday, July 8th, from 3 to 6 PM


Visit us at the Watsonville Plaza

Look for the big yellow school bus at the Plaza in Watsonville

Come join us, enjoy Cuban music, meet Caravan supporters, and pick up information.

The bus still has room for small items: common over the counter medications, unopened, new pencils and related small school supplies, new softballs, baseballs, other small sports items, and other new small non-perishable items... or you can donate money to buy them.

Pastors for Peace Caravans travel to Cuba every July as an act of civil disobedience challenging the illegal US embargo on Cuba – an immoral policy that uses hunger and disease as political weapons. The 45 year old embargo has caused serious shortages of food and medicine for eleven million innocent people.

Pastors for Peace carries humanitarian aid to Cuba and calls for normalization of relations between our two countries.

As a matter of principle, the Friendshipments refuse to apply for a license under the terms of the embargo, since to do so would be a de facto recognition of an immoral and unconstitutional policy.

Re: Pastors for Peace at the Santa Cruz Farmer's Market

Isn't there supposed to be a Peace Parade on Sunday 7-10-05 on Pacific Ave from 11 AM? I just noticed a no parking sign posted on Friday, that seemed to be for that date and time.


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