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Baby Block Against the G8

Baby Block against the G8 in Gleneagles, Scotland.
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Re: Baby Block Against the G8

i love this!

baby blocers are awesome!

Re: Baby Block Against the G8

Just hope Officer LaFavor isn't around!

Re: Baby Block Against the G8


Re: Baby Block Against the G8

The Baby Block in Iraq.

Re: Baby Block Against the G8

Imagine if all women had reproductive rights and refused to have children until men stop waging war! How about a baby boycott?

As a woman in a refugee camp in Palestine said "I refuse to give birth to martyrs!" Read Robin Morgans book The Demon Lover for a deep analysis of the global death cult (patriarchy) and its obsession with death and killing?

We live in a minimun security madhouse where women are expected to bear and raise children and then just let them be appropriated by our monstrous leaders to use as pawns in their never ending three-dimentional blood chess (war)

the English call it "The Great Game"

Mothers! Are you sick of providing the pawns in their game!


How About A Genocide Boycott?

After the Nazi holocaust there was a sense amongst Jews that they could not allow Hitler to be successful in his aims of genocide, thus giving political meaning to having children. Likewise, the continuing ongoing policies of terror, economic warfare, and harassment by the Israeli government meant to drive Palestinians from their homeland (with no right to return) has given a political meaning of resistance to the act of giving birth by those Palestinians that remain. That resistance is the simple act of attempting the survival of a people in the face of state sponsored genocide.

Re: Baby Block Against the G8

Having children for political reasons is patriarchal appropriation of the uterus and was a tactic of Hitler who praised women for "producing warriors for the Reich"

Having children for politics instead of love is monstrous.

Whats the point of having a child knowing it may be killed? If the worlds women had reproductive rights and refused pregnancy, maybe the world would run out of guys who kill each other, famine would decrease, and overpopulation would end.

Re: Baby Block Against the G8

I do not advocate the act of having children or that of not having children. I was merely advocating empathy for peoples facing genocide.

In any struggle, and on any issue, critical to understanding is the knowledge of what people are the oppressed and which are the oppressors. Putting an equal sign between a Jew wanting to have children after the holocaust so that the Jews would survive and Hitler advocating the birth of more "perfect" and "genetically pure" Arians misses this key point. Empathy for the oppressed and their desire to survive as peoples is critical to the liberation of humanity.

Likewise women are oppressed under capitalism and decisions to have, or not have children are an essential woman's right. In revolutionary Cuba abortion is free on demand and other birth control is available. In the opposite, one of the first acts of the CIA/Catholic/capitalist/Solidarnosc counter-revolution in Poland was to make abortion illegal.

We, however, also should not assume that decisions by oppressed people to have children are all made by men.

In addition, if we are sane enough to see, the politics of resistance could never, or only very rarely, be the only reason a person or a couple decides to have a child. I think we are talking here mainly only of an additional motivation. In general all parents love their children, this cuts across all ethnic, economic, and political divisions. Even the Arab Palestinians that are constantly lied about and demonized by the American corporate media while they are murdered by American corporate weapons love their children.

"Overpopulation" on the other hand is an all to often used excuse used by the capitalists that run almost the entire planet used to justify their crimes of exploitation and environmental degradation. People are not hungry in Africa because of overpopulation; Africa has a very low population per square mile compared to the rest of the world. They are hungry because of imperialist exploitation.

Likewise it is not so much population that is harming the planet, but the rampant consumerism, planned obsolescence, and organized resistance o alternatives to fossil fuels; all pushed by the capitalists, that have created an environmental nightmare.


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