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Action at Santa Cruz City Council 7/12/05

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Please lend your support to the SONG campaign!!
Support Our National Guard (bring them home now!)

We are a local ad hoc group, called the SONG campaign, and initiated by CodePink. Tomorrow, on Tuesday, July 12th, we will petition the Santa Cruz City Council to sponsor a resolution calling for the CA National Guard to be brought home from Iraq (see below)*.

We will make a brief presentation at 7PM during the open communication portion of the agenda, requesting the Council to formally put this matter on their agenda for their last meeting in July - the council meets at City Hall, 809 Center Street, across from the Civic Auditorium.

Please join us if you can, and please wear pink!!

in peace
the SONG campaign

*CodePink, the feminist organization started by Medea Benjamin and other members of Global Exchange in San Francisco, is starting a statewide campaign to bring back the California National Guard from Iraq.

Following the model of Vermont's citizens, who passed resolutions calling for the return of their National Guard units in most all of their townships, CodePink is working to get at least 30 California cities and/or counties to pass similar resolutions. These resolutions will be delivered to Governor Schwarznegger, who in his role as commander in chief of the CA National Guard, can order them to come home.

San Franscisco has already passed one such
resolution and did so without any prompting from outside groups! Clearly, it seems that the current political climate seems to be ripe for working on such measures.

We are organizing in Santa Cruz City and County to collect petition signatures in support of a California National Guard recall and to get City Council and Board resolutions passed that support such measures."

Thomas Jefferson

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Re: Action at Santa Cruz City Council 7/12/05

Nice quote from jefferson yet he authorized the campain against the Barbary Coast to overthrow a goverment who was holding us personal hostage.

Re: Action at Santa Cruz City Council 7/12/05

Be sure to thank you councilmembers!

Re: Action at Santa Cruz City Council 7/12/05

It may have passed, but it's nothing more than a waste of taxpayer funded civic time. The National Guard soldiers were mobilized under Federal orders as a resource in the global war on terror (I know many of you have short memeories so I'll remind you of 9/11).

Stop using our soldiers as political pawns. We are all volunteers who swore to obey the orders of the President of the Untited States. Period. Just because you don't like this war or our Commander in Chief doesn't give you the right to speak on our behalf.

Pressure On Council Needed to Get Further Action

Council's "feel good" resolution is a nice sop to anti-war activists--but as mentioned above, required pressure. Much more needs to be done.
Anti-war activists need to remember that the City Council took 2 years to get together and pass a resolution urging "a plan" to get the troops out of Iraq (significantly weaker than Arcata City Council's resolution last summer).
I encourage folks to call City Council (423-5020) and demand:
1. Santa Cruz be declared an amnesty-for- war-resisters zone (perhaps a Warcriminal Free Zone?) which encourages locals not to be pressured into joining the illegal military occupation abroad
2. Suppport for school districts resisting recruitment efforts.
3. A long overdue accounting of how much money in City investments (tens of millions of dollars) is going to military or military-related projects.

I've asked City Council to look into these issues, even to simply get staff to issue an FYI on what the current situation is. Nothing happening.

Not even from Green Party guru Tim Fitzmaurice, SCAN-endorsed Ed Porter, and/or Labor hero Tony Madrigal.

If they heard from more constituents, they might feel more inclined to act.

Bring Home the California National Guard, etc.

First of all, the governor is granted influence over the California National Guard. He is charged with their training and and is considered their "Commander and Chief." The law provides for the president to call out the states' National Guard troops only in times of an emergency.

It is now painfully obvious to the whole world that the War on Iraq was NOT an emergency. It is a war of CONQUEST.

Since the self-appointed King George II has decided to pursue his own self-interests by invading two sovereign nations, Afghanistan and Iraq, the so-called "war on terror" has been completely abandoned by his administration in any meaningful way. Above all, we need to ensure that our country is safe and prepared for national tradgedies, should they occur. With nearly all of our National Guard units deployed, this leaves the country vulnerable.

Of course, King George left just enough stooge National Guardspeople to set up what looks like a federally-mandated spy operation against civilians. For a recent article on that story, see.
"Vet", I'm sure you're quite familiar with that operation. ;)

I also don't want to see National Guardpeople used as pawns. That means I want them to be stationed where they are supposed to be (and where they were told they would be) barring an emergency -- here in the U.S.!

Robert Norse makes some interesting suggestions for working against the war. I would like to see him set up and lead a volunteer committee that would examine the City investments or set up a proposal of how the City Council can help schools that are protecting military recruiters. Also, I understand that Norse resides in the county, not the city of Santa Cruz. Why isn't he doing more at the county level where there are very few antiwar efforts going on?


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