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NYC IMC Call for Articles on the Food

For two years running, The Indypendent has won more
awards for outstanding reporting from the New York
Independent Press Association than any other paper. We
are soliciting articles around the themes of problems
of the global food production network and locally
based alternatives.

Articles can be in the form of reporting, opinion
pieces, interviews, features, first person,
historical, anthropological, sociological, reviews,

Topics can include, but are not limited to:
*Distribution networks, from global monopolies to
producer-based cooperatives
*The costs and effects of monoculture farming on the
environment and society
*Different models for sustainable
agriculture—permaculture, biodynamic, organic, etc.
We’re especially looking for interviews with
small-scale farmers, comparing and contrasting
different systems and feasibility.
*How people eat, how different cultures approach food
preparation and consumption
*Profiles and/or analysis of different sectors of food
workers, particularly migrant/immigrant labor
*Government and agribusiness, how public resources are
used to fund large-scale, private business
*Women’s role in agriculture
*Food coops, looking at different types, possibilities
and problems
*Fair trade agriculture products
*Anything related to genetically modified organisms
*Food diversity, seed banks
*Food and health issues
*Energy usage and food production
*Distribution challenges for small producers
*Reviews of books, movies, magazines about food

Submission guidelines:
Length: 400-1500 words. Articles over this length will
not be considered.
Deadline: Wednesday, July 27
Email articles only both as text in body of email and
as an MS Word attachment to:
imc-nyc-print (at)
Include your name, phone number and email.

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