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Emergency Protest, Stop U.N. Massacres In Haiti!

On the morning of July 6, 2005, more than 350 heavily armed United Nations "peacekeeping" forces killed at least 23 unarmed people in the densely populated Port-au-Prince neighborhood of Cite Soleil. Some estimates indicate that 50 or more may have died.
Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Liberation News denounces the slaughter that has been carried out in Haiti by the UN. We continue our calls since the beginning of the U.S. invasion and coup against Aristide to call for the withdrawal of all U.S. and U.N. troops.

We endorse the following actions sponsored by the Haiti Action Committee and its demands, minus their call to reinstall Aristide. We instead call for the self-determination of the Haitian people, which may or may not include the reinstatement of Aristide after the fall of the rightwing UN/death-squad government.

* Stop the UN "Peace-Keeping" Massacres in Haiti!
* End the UN Occupation of Haiti!
* Uphold the Right of the Haitian People to Self-Determination, Free From All Foreign Intervention!

The horrific role the UN has played in Haiti is a good negative lesson in why Liberation News was so adamant in our opposition to the Peace and Freedom Party’s presidential candidate’s call for the U.S. out and the U.N. in to Iraq and why this became one of a couple split issues from that party when the state chair of the party simultaneously tried to cover-up and defend that position.

Liberation News remains committed to the need for a revolutionary party in the United States that, unlike the Peace and Freedom Party, is clear on issues of war and peace in the battle against imperialism. We also stand for building a party that does not on principle ever endorse any candidate of the pro-war, pro-police state Democrat Party.

Instead we call for the Liberation of humanity and a ravaged planet from the scourge of capitalism and its wars. We reject both the Democrat and Republican Parties as capitalist parties of war, racism, union busting, sexism, homophobia, environmental degradation and corporate exploitation.

We instead seek to build revolutionary socialism as the working class alternative. In contrast to the Democratic Party, including its most left wing, we stand in firm opposition to all US/UN wars. We understand that the US wages wars for one reason: empire and arms sales that equal corporate profit. The myth of UN humanitarianism must be countered by the truth that the UN is used around the world to the service of imperialism.

The working class interests that Liberation News represents are those that do not want our sons and daughters to be sacrificed on the alter of war for corporate profit and who want our tax dollars to be spent on social programs at home. In addition we want the people of the world to live in freedom from the terror and exploitation of U.S. and European imperialism. We call for socialist revolution in America to end the dictatorial power of the wealthy, for a redistribution of the wealth, and for a planned economy run to meet human and environmental needs as the true road to ending imperialism and war.

Sincerely, Steven Argue for Liberation News


[Simultaneous protests in other cities: Check w/your local activists for details or go to]


On the morning of July 6, 2005, more than 350 heavily armed United Nations "peacekeeping" forces killed at least 23 unarmed people in the densely populated Port-au-Prince neighborhood of Cite Soleil. Some estimates indicate that 50 or more may have died. The UN Force Commander, Brazilian Lt. General Augusto Heleno, claims there was a "firefight," yet there were no UN deaths or injuries.

THIS WAS A MASSACRE. Photographic evidence and eyewitness testimony confirm that the U.N. murdered unarmed civilians, including a 4-year old child, shot through the head.

Cite Soleil has been the focus of attacks by both UN forces and the Haitian police because it remains a powerful base of support for the democratically elected President Jean-Bertrand Aristide and the Lavalas movement. The U.N. operation targeted and killed Emmanuel "Dred" Wilme, a well-known community leader in Cite Soleil, who had been in the forefront of the neighborhood's resistance to the illegal coup regime. The attack came just a few days after U.S. Ambassador to Haiti James Foley labeled Haitian grassroots activists as "terrorists" and "gang members", sending a clear signal that it was
now open season on civilians.

Since a U.S.-orchestrated coup overthrew the democratic government in February 2004, a United Nations force of 7500 troops has occupied Haiti. The U.N. has supported the coup regime, which has killed and imprisoned thousands of innocent people. As the U.N. mouths its concerns for human rights around the world, it attacks the poorest
communities in Haiti and backs up the violent repression carried out by the Haitian police. Brazil continues to do the bidding of the United States by heading-up this brutal U.N. military operation in Haiti.

On July 21, there will be coordinated protests in many U.S. and Canadian cities to condemn the U.N. massacre in Cite Soleil. Please join us!


Thursday, July 21st

Gather: 4 P.M. - Powell and Market, San Francisco
March to Brazilian Consulate, 300 Montgomery: 4:30 P.M.
Followed by Picket at the Brazilian Consulate.

For more information: haitiaction (at) 510.483.7481

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Re: Emergency Protest, Stop U.N. Massacres In Haiti!

UN Occupation Forces Carry Out Massacre
of Poor in Port-au-Prince

On Wednesday morning, July 6th, at approximately 3:00 AM, UN occupation
forces in Haiti carried out a major military operation in the
working-class neighborhood of Cite Soleil, one of the poorest in
Port-au-Prince and also a stronghold of support for Haiti's majority
political party Lavalas and President Jean-Bertrand Aristide. Presumably,
the purpose of the operation was to crack down on illegal "gang activity",
in particular on "gang" leader Dread Wilme. In actuality, a US trade union
and human rights delegation in Port-au-Prince discovered evidence of a
massacre conducted by the UN forces, targeting the larger community

According to accounts from many different members of the community, many
of whom chose to remain anonymous, as well as from journalists who were on
the scene during the operation, UN forces surrounded two neighborhoods
within Cite Soleil, Boisneuf and Project Drouillard, sealing off the
alleys with tanks and troops.

Two helicopters flew overhead. At 4:30 AM, UN forces launched the
offensive, shooting into houses, shacks, a church, and a school with
machine guns, tank fire, and tear gas. Eyewitnesses reported that when
people fled to escape the tear gas, UN troops gunned them down from the

UN forces shot out electric transformers in the neighborhood. People were
killed in their homes and also just outside of their homes, on the way to
work. According to journalists and eyewitnesses, one man named Leon
Cherry, age 46, was shot and killed on his way to work for a flower
company. Another man, Mones Belizaire, was shot as he got ready to go work
in a local sweatshop and subsequently died from a stomach infection. A
woman who was a street vendor was shot in the head and killed instantly.

One man was shot in his ribs while he was trying to brush his teeth.
Another man was shot in the jaw as he left his house to try and get some
money for his wife's medical costs; he endured a slow death.Yet another
man named Mira was shot and killed while urinating in his home.

A mother, Sena Romelus, and her two young children were killed in their
home, either by bullets or by a 83-CC grenade UN forces threw. Film
footage of many of these deaths was shared with the US human rights
delegation. Eyewitnesses claimed that the offensive overwhelmed the
community and that there was not a "firefight", but rather a slaughter.
The operation was primarily conducted by UN forces, with the Haitian
National Police this time taking a back seat.

Seth Donnelly, a member of the US human rights delegation in
Port-au-Prince, visited Cite Soleil with Haitian human rights workers on
Thursday afternoon, July 7th. The team gathered testimony from many
members of the community, young and old, men, women, and youth. All
verified the previous statements we had received from journalists and
other eyewitness accounts.

These community members spoke of how they had been surrounded by tanks and
troops that sealed off exits from the neighborhoods and then proceeded to
assault the civilian population. The community allowed the team to film
the evidence of the massacre, showing the homes -- in some cases made of
tin and cardboard -- that had been riddled by bullets, tank fire and
helicopter ammunition, as well as showing the team some of the corpses
still there, including a mother and her two children.

The team also filmed a church and a school that had been riddled by
ammunition. Reportedly, a preacher was among the victims killed. Some
community members allowed the team to interview them, but not to film
their faces for fear of their lives. People were traumutized and, in the
cases of loved ones of victims, hysterical.

Many community members -- again young and old, men and women -- spoke
highly of Dread Wilme, referring to him as their "protector" or "father",
and expressed fear for the future. One member said that he heard that
another UN operation against the community was planned for later Thursday
night or early Friday morning.

Multiple community people indicated that they had counted at least 23
bodies of people killed by the UN forces. Community members claimed that
UN forces had taken away some of the bodies. Published estimates indicate
that upwards of 50 may have been killed and an indeterminate number
wounded, and that more than 300 heavily armed UN troops took part in the
assault on this densely populated residential neighborhood.

"There was systematic firing on civilians," said one eyewitness to the
killing. "All exits were cut off. The community was choked off,
surrounded -- facing tanks coming from different angles, and overhead,
helicopters with machine guns fired down on the people. The citizens were
under attack from all sides and from the air. It was war on a community."

The Labor/Human Rights Delegation from the United States, initiated by the
San Francisco Labor Council, had been in Haiti since late last month to
attend the Congress of the Confederation of Haitian Workers (CTH), the
country's largest labor organization, and met with hundreds of Haitian
workers, farmers and professionals about the current labor and human
rights situation in Haiti.

Re: Emergency Protest, Stop U.N. Massacres In Haiti!


Re: Emergency Protest, Stop U.N. Massacres In Haiti!


Thank you for the update. Because Haiti is a *small* island, the casualities will never be as high as in other parts of the world, but that doesn't make them any less *significant.*

May the revolutionary spirit of Haiti return power to the people!

Re: Emergency Protest, Stop U.N. Massacres In Haiti!


Rockin' the Boat: UN Troops Massacre Haitian Civilians

Interviews with Seth Donnelly & Dave Welsh, members of the U.S. Labor/Human Rights Delegation to Haiti who were there June 29 - July 10. In the interviews, they describe the massacre of civilians by UN troops at Cite Soleil. 15 minutes


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