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Police "get the message"

Police "get the message" via audio spotlight technology

The quote below is from vigilante stalking/electronic harassment target Kelly Taylor, who lives in Utah, and who owns the "poor man's voice to skull device", meaning the Holosonics Inc. "audio spotlight." The audio spotlights can single out one target in a crowd at a moderate distance and feed audio to that person which, pretty well, only the target can hear.

There is also the through-wall microwave version of this device demonstrated by Dr. Joseph Sharp of the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research in the early 70s, but that is far too expensive for our group to assemble and demonstrate at this time.

Official police policy is usually to ignore the issues of vigilante stalking and electronic harassment, and often hint that the person complaining of these crimes needs to see a psychiatrist. Fortunately, womens' assault centers are beginning to take these crimes seriously. For example, see:

Kelly made a breakthrough here. Kudos to him.

Kelly's "cards" are business cards with links to our various web sites. Kelly writes:

"It was funny last year at the park near my house I was
working in a both for a friend while doing it I was handing
my cards out at the same time. Some cops did not even
want to talk about it and did not even want a card. They
got a short distence away and I beamed them in the head
with the audio They came back and asked
me for the cards!"

At close to $3,000 US, we won't be able to have many of these units in circulation, but we certainly applaud Kelly Taylor and John Allman of the United Kingdom, who have been using these units to get the attention of a reluctant public and public officials.

Eleanor White
Hamilton, Ontario

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Re: Police "get the message"

Oh now this is a great way to be subversive


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