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Resistance is NOT futile!

Fighting federal tyranny
Lately, reading the news and trying to stay abreast of new legislation, court rulings and the like, is akin to attempting to walk across a busy freeway at rush hour; analyzing, dodging, and trying to perceive the safe route. It's all coming at us so fast, we can hardly keep up. By the time one threat appears, it's already drowned out by another.

The feds would be foolish to attack our liberty on just one front. The best way for them to divide and conquer us is to attack on multiple fronts at the same time. If they were to simply put out one piece of new legislation, the people opposing it would be able to gather additional support over time, and possibly impede or defeat it. By hitting us over and over with multiple and continuous attacks, by the time we're able to organize a defense, we're already faced with new threats, which weaken or eliminate our original position.

So what is a good citizen to do? Resist!

Resistance comes in many forms and can be defined as an attempt "To strive to fend off or offset the actions, effects, or force of."* So how can the outgunned citizens of America fend off or offset the effects of despotic attempts by the federal government?

The phrase "information war" has often been used, and in our sleep-like state, it is truly our best defense. America is a sleeping giant, who, as a whole, has yet to learn who its real enemy is - our own federal government. Most of you reading this are probably thinking "why are you telling me this? This much is obvious, and I already know!" In this age of the information war, it's never enough that you or even those closest to you, know the evils of our day. Information must be spread and disseminated amongst those around us, but more importantly, amongst those too busy with their shopping and their television to see the dangers looming around every corner. If each and every one of us refuses to go beyond our own circle of friends and family to spread the truth, then by the time the slow process of "informing our friends and family" creates enough awareness in this country, it will be too late, as the federal behemoth will have already expanded into a full-blown fascist police state.

Resistance on single fronts will never allow us to fend off anything. While we focus on one issue, they push through another. Sooner or later, we won't be allowed to resist anything. So, we must resist all or nothing.

"Ok, that's not a bad idea" you just might be thinking, but where to start? How about a simple list:

1. First off, make sure you're truly informed yourself, and that means shutting off the corporate propaganda machine.

2. Read some historical documents, and learn about the evils of the British crown, which lead to the forming of the United States - the Declaration of Independence is short, powerful, and loaded with evil deeds that resonate in today's world.

3. Start getting information on new legislation at its source - the Library of Congress, which publishes online every piece of proposed legislation. You can find it online at

4. Start trusting your own judgment and get rid of the manufactured hatred of one party or the other. Guess what, they're both doing the same things.

5. Make a list of every piece of legislation that you feel is destructive to this nation and to our liberty - type it up with some notes on each and print out a few pages to hand out. Remember; don't focus on just one item. Don't let them divide and conquer us.

6. Here's my list with bill numbers to look up - you can obviously make your own: REAL ID (passed but being resisted in the states)/HR 418, Patriot Act/HR 3199 & S 1266, Universal Draft/HR 2723 IH, CAFTA/S 1307 & HR 3045, Repeal the 22nd Amendment/HJ 24 IH, Streamlined Procedures (prevents habeas corpus rights)/S 1088 & HR 3035

7. Get out on the streets, hand out some of your self-made flyers, or put them in stacks at grocery stores, the library, bookstores and the like. Guess what, if someone takes them away, put out more.

While you're possibly thinking that this is really an overwhelming task and it might just be easier to turn on the tube or just as easily, only talk about such things with people who already know, try to remember what the great patriot Samuel Adams once said:

"It does not take a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds."

If we look to experience, the greatest advisor to our actions, we know that the empire can be defeated. Take these thoughts to heart, please, and make up your own mind on how you will or won't act. Either way, it's for the sake of our liberty. Think I'm right or think I'm a raving lunatic; I'll still trust my own judgment and will never give up this fight.

It's one empire down, and one empire to go.

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