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Santa Cruz Food Not Bombs

Santa cruz food not bombs
Santa Cruz Food Not Bombs now cooks every Wednesday and Sunday at noon at 212 Cedar St (behind Foster's Freeze.)

We serve Wednesday's at Farmer's Market at 4pm and Sundays on Pacific/Cooper in front of O'neills at 4pm as well.

E-mail us for any more information at santacruzfnb (at) or just come by!

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Re: Santa Cruz Food Not Bombs

hi food not bombs.

i am very happy to know that sc-fnb is back in action! i just love having the option to eat.

i think it would be helpful if sc-fnb also posted this info on the Santa Cruz Indymedia calendar.

to "add an event"

i'll see you for seconds!

Re: Santa Cruz Food Not Bombs

I think the reason Food Not Bombs has been harassed so often by "the authorities" is because they are undermining capitalism by practicing other-oriented altruism.

The essence of capitalism is psychopathic, primitive "me first" enforced by "might makes right" which is the Law of the Jungle

the essence of socialism is healthy and sane other-oriented altruism which is giving without expecting payment.

Google "Gift Economy" by Genevieve Vaughan to understand that a new world IS possible, based on kindness, compassion and altruism—the anthisis of psychopathic greed (capitalism)


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