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Gorilla Drive with dances with kittens presents the southLANDER (7/29)

Gorilla drive in and DWK the youth activism coalition are joining to present to you The southlander: diary of a desparate musician. This brilliant movie features an amazing cast beck, elliot smith, beth orton, hank williams3, ross angeles and more Come check it out on the29
Guerilla DRIVE-IN with Dances with kittens presents the southlander

Benefit for Dances with kittens a youth run collective that is dedicated top social change in creative thoughtful ways. we have no set leadership and have had many creative and unique political actions around santa cruz we are focused on issues of DIY lifestyle, Anti corporate action, counter recruitment and local issues.
Right now dances with kittens is getting kicked out of our space because Ycsc adult allies decided to come back for the summer a tricky move indeed they decided they needed to give us some more "youth options" hahahah anyways support real youth action come to this movie we DWK will be meeting same place same day as ycsc except at 630 and not 5

Summary of movie
The Southlander is the epic diary of a desperate musician. It chronicles one man, Chance, and his journey through Los Angeles in search of an elusive keyboard. The movie is flawlessly graceful, combining the adventure of Dead Man, the romance of Casablanca, and the obscurity of Repo Man. The film sparkles with a star studded cast including the intergalatically acclaimed musicians Beck, Beth Orton, Ross Angeles, and ironically, 70’s funk star Motherchild. Southlander also features inspiring performances from Elliott Smith, the real Hank Williams III, Mark Gonzales and Laura Prepon (That 70’s Show redhead). This movie is one brilliant adventure you can’t miss.

The movie is so genuis the LA times called it “surreal?

Where: the usual gorilla drive in location railroad tracks at fair avenue

When: 8pm July 29 Friday
between the Take and Chicken Run on the gorilla drive in schedule

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Re: Gorilla Drive with dances with kittens presents the southLANDER (7/29)

ahhh a night under the stars with music and fun people, look forward to it.


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