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Raging Grannies arrested in Arizona

Spied on by the National Guard in California,
arrested in Arizona, it truly
It is quite amazing how intimidated the military is by
the Raging Grannies.
Raging Grannies Arrested At Recruiting Center-
Army recruiters not humored by "room full of elderly
by Emrys Wednesday July 13, 2005 at 01:41 PM

Make sure to check the link, there are some fabulous

Several Raging Grannies, along with an Indymedia
journalist (myself), were
arrested for trespassing Wednesday after they
entered an Army recruiting
office and attempted to enlist.

The Grannies were hoping the recruiters would have
shown more humor with the
activists. Instead, Sgt. Richardson called Tucson
police and had everyone

The mood before the action was light and joyous.
Protestors have been
showing up in front of the military recruiting
offices on Speedway each
Wednesday morning since the pledge of resistance
began over 3 years ago.

Nearly 20 people lined the sidewalk this morning
with signs and American
flags with peace symbols. Most motorists honked and
waived at the rally,
which delights Granny Pat Birnie.

“They can hear the honks inside,? she said, hinting
towards the recruiters’

At 9:00 am, the Grannies split off from the rally
and made a plan of action.
They warmed up their voices with “God Help America,?
then headed for the
Army’s office.

The Grannies stood in front of the office and sang
more songs, prompting
Army Sgt. Richardson to close the door to his
office. After a few minutes,
they began to enter the Army’s office, stating that
they wished to enlist.
The recruiters tried to turn them away, saying that
protestors are not
allowed on their property, but the willful Grannies
made their way in.

After spending a few minutes reading a prepared
statement (see below) and
singing a few more songs, the Sergeant told them
that they must leave, and
that charges were going to be pressed. Both
recruiters seemed uncomfortable
and were unwilling to confront the elderly choir,
keeping their backs turned
and pretending to do office work. While on the
phone, Sgt. Richardson said
he had a "room full of elderly ladies."

“They were afraid of us,? said Elizabeth Richards
shortly after leaving the
office. “They had to be looking at papers or on the
phone.? Richards has
been a Raging Granny for 2 years.

After everyone had left the building and filed back
to the sidewalk, TPD
officer S. Morken arrived and asked Sgt. Richardson
to point out everyone
who was in his office, including myself (two other
journalists were not

According to Lt. Col. Hickins, a Battalion Commander
from Phoenix, the
charges were pressed by the landlord of the
building, not the Army itself.
He declined to give any other information about the

No one was expecting to be arrested for the action.
“This is the only
contingency we hadn’t planned on,? Birnie said

Birnie said that the Raging Grannies have already
contacted Mayor Walkup’s
office about the incident, but he was out of town
for the day.

“My sense is that it’s such an absurd charge that
the judg-e will excuse
it,? she said.

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