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Photos from City Hall WAMM Handout

Photos from the WAMM Medical Marijuana Handout in front of City Hall today.
Photos from the WAMM Medical Marijuana Handout in front of City Hall today.
First, let me say that I haven't seen this much big media iron in one spot since D2KLA. Nine microwave trucks, and 2 satellite - one rumored to be CNN. Wow. LOTS of press.

Lots of amateurs too, out there in the crowd. Mostly cameras, but with a few stock camcorders.

The crowd was easily 200-300 people. The entire front space of the City Hall property was packed to the sidewalk.

Santa Cruz Art & Revolution performed several repetitions of a DEA drug raid skit. Great stuff.

I couldn't even reach the front of the crowd watching the medical marijuana dispensation itself. It was just too heavy! So I settled for covering the crowd itself.

There were even 3 anti-marijuana protesters around, maybe more (see bottom - hey, everyone deserves to be heard). Two of them carried their own signs. A third was some tall middle-aged guy in an Air Force t-shirt, engaging in the same sort of topical debate that I heard going on all around me. Everywhere in the crowd, healthy debate was raging.

Even the audience packed tightly around the main attraction, seemed to give a fresh round of cheering and applause as each of 10(?) patients stepped up one at a time to receive their medicine.

Today's event was truly awesome.


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