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Mystery Ride after Farmer's Market Tonight 7pm (7/27)

Midweek Mystery Ride Tonight @ 7pm after Farmer's Market
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Mystery Ride after Farmer's Market Tonight 7pm
Last Friday's Midnight Ride was a wild and wet Adventure, a Cross betwen Indian Jones in the Temple of Doom meets the LA River Drag Races from Repo Man. Fotos and Ride report to follow.

Following in the footsteps of the Midnight Mystery Ride, today will see the second launch of a community bike ride at a more reasonable hour. Meet after the Farmer's Market at 7pm. Bring a dessert or other picnic item to share. We will go on a short ride ride to a mystery location and enjoy the setting sun. Riders of all ages welcome, no one will be left behind. Meet behind Logos Books at 7pm.

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