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Anti-War Effigy and Toilet Art: Attorneys on Free Radio This Sunday

Virginia and Stephen Pearcy, Berkeley attorney/artists from Berkeley, will be on Free Radio 10 AM Sunday July 31st 101.1 FM (also The Pearcys hung soldier effigies from their own home bearing the statements "Your Tax Dollars at Work" and "Bush Lied, I Died"--both torn down this last spring.
More recently Stephen Pearcy did a painting of the United States sinking into a toilet, which is now on display in the cafeteria of the Department of Justice in Sacramento.

It raised the ire of the state Republican Party, which is demanding that Attorney General Bill Lockyer remove the image and was the subject of protest and counterprotest in Sacramento earlier this week.

Call-in number: 831-427-3772.
Chat room accessable at .

Check out a mainstream story on Pearcy at

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Another Free Speech Fight in San Anslemo

For another California Free Speech fight, check out where Ford Greene is fighting for the right to display strong anti-Bush messages on his building in large letters.

I hope to have Greene on Free Radio in the near future.


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