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Internship Opportunities

please read on about the following internship opportunities working with local youth.
It would be greatly appreciated if you would PLEASE DISTRIBUTE THESE INTERNSHIP OPPORTUNITIES TO your fellow STUDENTS, ACTIVISTS, and FRIENDS.  (:-) THANK YOU (:-)

Would you like to...?????

* be a mentor for local youth
* empower elementary students to think critically about where our food comes (and on)
* or learn about it yourself
* deconstruct, create, or help publish curriculum
* help make this program curriculum bi-lingual
* engage in and learn about anti-oppressive, participatory or liberatory education
* work in local public, charter, private, and/or home schools
* be empowered and empower others
* get credit for it

The following internship possibilities entail working with a local educational program for elementary students called
Field-to-Market-to-You: a Food Systems Exploration. This program extends through and beyond what our food system entails to a deep, critical analysis into the complexity of our food system, to what and who’s expense it exists, and how we relate economically, culturally, socially, politically, nutritionally, and environmentally to it (or not). This program involves teaching/empowering local elementary students (how) to think critically about where our food comes from; what resources (human, environmental, economic, social, political) are used to bring it to us and the power we have as consumers to influence our food system, our health, and our local and global communities through our food choices.  

Meanwhile, this program is based on the philosophy of each one-teach one, believing every participant has a wealth to teach, learn, share, and receive.  (It’s about what you bring to it!!)  There is (or I should say... I have) a very strong emphasis on critically and radically deconstructing education (the educational institution, our teaching and biases, this programs curriculum, etc....), engaging in an in-depth analysis of the inequalities and power dynamics (legacies of white supremacy, economic inequality, bias, & discrimination) within the educational system and how they relate to us as teachers, students, and social participants.  We, as teachers, will learn about and explore ideas of anti-oppressive, anti-biased, liberatory education and critical pedagogy while also learning about labor, social, and economic inequalities, food justice, hunger, sustainable agriculture, corporate control of our food systems, environmental justice, and consumer influence (and whatever other knowledge we can share with each other)!

If so far you are interested, and have questions you want answered, please call Katie Davis at 831-466-9060 ext 126 or katie (at)  Read on for schedule times and more info:

(No experience necessary)

Field-to-Market-to-You: a Food Systems Exploration

Day 1:  Teach in public, private, and home schools throughout Santa Cruz County
Day 2:  Teach students in a local New Leaf Community Market

What:  Teach local elementary students about where their food comes from, the workers and resources that grow, provide, and bring them their food, nutrition, socially and environmentally consumerism, sustainable agriculture,waste,  Ohlone and agricultural history, critical thinking, communication skills, and empowerment.

Interns will: gain experience working in the classroom, learn techniques for working with children in formal and non-formal settings, learn and exchange knowledge about, food production, labor rights, nutrition, social/economic/environmetal/and food justice, educational equity, and teaching to empower and liberate students. Interns will teach small groups of 4th - 6th  or 2nd - 3rd grade students.  Interns will lead activities in the classroom and at a local New Leaf Community Market. Interns explore and learn critical pedagogy, educational activism, multiculturalism, and educational change!

Field to Market to You:  A Grocery Store Exploration is a collaborative project of the Life Lab Science Program & New Leaf Community Market.

When: Interns working with 2nd  - 3rd grade will work on Wednesdays and Thursdays 9:00 am -noon, 4th - 6th grade will work Mondays and Tuesdays 8:00 am  - noon, Fall, Winter, and Spring Quarters: SCHEDULE FLEXIBILITY IF YOU CALL KATIE

Contact:  Katie at 466-9060 ext 126 or katie (at)

Students can also participate in critical analysis of the curriculum to evaluate it’s inclusion or exclusion of multiculturalism, equity, and bias. If students are interested in curriculum development or issues of educational equity, they can choose to make this the focus of their internship!

Credit is available at UCSC through the Environmental Studies Department, Community Studies Field Program or Independent Study


Spanish Translation for Educational Curriculum
With the Field-to-Market-to-You Program

Where: Flexible
When: Flexible
What:  Help translate student journals and program materials for the Field-to-Market-to-You Program into spanish (necessary) or others if interested to make an effective bilingual curriculum. The Field-to-Market-to-You Program teaches local elementary students about food systems, environmental consumerism, sustainable agriculture, and local history. (Interns may also combine this internship with the teaching internship, and help facilitate the Field-to-Market-to-You Program).

Contact: Katie at 466-9060 x.126 or katie (at)

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