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Stop the War Rally and March, Sept. 24th

Stop the War rally and march planned for Sept. 24th beginning at Noon at the Santa Cruz County Courthouse. Speakers, performers, advocacy groups invited to plan and participate.
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The war in Iraq has caused terrible suffering for many people. Some of them have been American, British, Spanish, Italian or other nationalities who have sent armed forces to invade a sovereign country, however the vast majority have been Iraqis.
The Iraqi people did not cause 911, despite what our government has told us, and contrary to what many people in our country still believe. In spite of this, the Iraqi people have been subjected to the military horrors of the most sophisticated technology available, including the newest version of napalm, in violation of international law.
The plight of the civilian population in Iraq has been largely overlooked, by many Americans, who seem to be primarily interested in the health and safety of the American troops, and other coalition troops. Perhaps if more Americans thought about the pain and suffering of the Iraqi people, they would be more inclined to protest President Bush's War.
This is not meant to discount the service and sacrifice made by our troops, on our behalf. I am grateful to the men and women to accept the risk to their lives as a possible price to pay in order to protect the freedom enjoyed in this country.
As a Vietnam Veteran, I understand how these warriors probably believe that it is their duty to follow orders, and trust that their leaders, (both military and civilian), will use their services in a wise manner. I salute their obedience and valor.

I am sympathetic to the injuries suffered by our troops, and for their loved ones who will try to make their lives whole again. I also sympathize to the injuries of Iraqis,some of them still children. They did not volunteer to risk their lives, and their death and mutilation seems even more of a waste and crime against humanity.
I am haunted by pictures I have seen that show a young Iraqi boy, not much older than my grandson, whose arms were burnt off by a US incendiary bomb, and whose family was incinerated by the bomb.

I am sick of this goddamn war, which never should have started. Together with other caring Santa Cruzans, I am helping to organize a rally to "Stop the War".
The rally will begin at Noon, on Sept. 24, 2005, and will be held in front of the Santa Cruz County Court House. Following the rally there will be a progression to downtown Santa Cruz (location to be announced).

This event is scheduled to coincide with a day of marches and protests around the country. What was initially planned as a march in Washington D.C., on Sept 24th,
is being supported in many cities by similar marches to "Stop the War".

We are requesting your involvement in this rally, and would appreciate it if you would spread the word. I am including a flier that you will, hopefully, copy and circulate. If you have ideas, suggestions, or want to volunteer to make this rally meaningful, your help would be more than welcome. Speakers, musicians, theater troops, dancers, and representatives from all anti-war groups who would like to table at the event, are encouraged to become involved.

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Re: Stop the War Rally and March, Sept. 24th

For further information, contact Daniel Young,
dyoung (at),(its on the flier, but small).

good news resource

If you're interested in getting an academic, critical overview of middle east events visit As'ad's "Angry Arab" blog.

It is humorous, irreverant and always free of mcnuggets.

Here's is an image of an Iraqi woman reacting to being "liberated.


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