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Freedom of speech being attacked in San Anselmo

What do you do if you don't like the truth and you have the political power to stop it?

You change the rules.
Alert for San Francisco and surrounding townships: Republican
fascism rears its ugly head in San Anselmo.

In the city of San Anselmo, a local anti-war activist maintains
a large sign upon which undeniable truths about George W. Bush
and his war crimes are placed. Some of the messages have been:

Bush hates freedom. Gives Heil Burton
our candy jar, uses terror for
psychopolitics' lies.

Let the people know the facts, and the
country will be safe - Abe Lincoln

To steal, lie, invade and torture is
wrong. Get religion out of the White House

Only an empty brain would count on a paperless
voting machine. Stop Democracy death

While most of the people of San Anselmo either agree with the
undeniable truths on the message sign or accept the fact that
people still have freedom of speech in Bush's America, the
Town Council is trying to create new laws specifically aimed
at making this particular anti-war sign illegal to have.

This is an assault against anti-war activists and truth and
freedom of speech; a threat against _all_ activists who are on
the front lines opposing Bush and his war crimes against

On August 9'th at 8:00 p.m. the Town Council is going to open
up a kangaroo court to try to ram their un-American, fascist,
anti-free speech crimes against the people of San Anselmo.

The people who oppose Bush needs you help.

Contact the web site above for more details about this threat.
Then contact the Town Council at:

525 San Anselmo Avenue
San Anselmo, CA. 94960
Telephone: 415-258-4600
FAX: 415-459-2477

Let these people know you oppose what they stand for and that
you demand that _everyone_ has the right to free speech, not
just Republicans. Email these people and demand their abide by
the Constitutional, civil, and human rights of America.
bthornton9000 (at)
wcooper (at)
jktk (at)
lwight (at)
ford (at)

And if you can make it, pack that conference on August 9'th
and let the progressive voice be heard!

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