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Midnight Mystery Ride this Friday (8/5)

Come joy the playful bike riding fun. 12midnight from the Poet and Patriot.
share a burning beer.jpg
Care to join us for a drink?
Or maybe a pre-Ride Bike Battle?
Bike Boogie in the Moonlight....
Where are we going?
into the slimey dark.jpg
Will we make it back...alive?
sinking bike smile3.jpg
Oh we go again.
bridgeX1.jpg's time for the next Midnight Mystery Ride.
Meet at the Poet for a drink at 11:30, leave around midnight, bring snax and tastety beverage to share.

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Re: Midnight Mystery Ride this Friday

Can you try to post the pictures again? It looks like they didn't upload. I look forward to seeing the flaming can of PBR(?)!

Re: Midnight Mystery Ride this Friday

I too think those pictures didn't upload properly

Re: Midnight Mystery Ride this Friday (8/5)

Are you going to be leaving from Guerilla Drive-In's Friday special feature?


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