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Defense of America Rooted in Lies

Two wars based on 9-11 are based on fraud.
northwoods.pdf (777 k)
Remote_Control_Terrorism.pdf (916 k)
Defense of America Rooted in Lies
By Michael Treis
mftreis (at)

In understanding that the “War on Terrorism� is based on the 9-11 attack through careful research we have proven it is based on lies. The fact that this is NOT the first time these folks have plotted terrorist activities in order to get us in a war is verified by the Northwoods Documents here posted.
The fact that the ability to remotely control the plane was in place 2 years before 9-11 is validated as fact in Remote Controlled Terrorism posted here also.
The fact we have two wars going making billions for the iron triangle of the defense world is also fact. The fact Norhwoods plan was approved up to the president is also fact JFK was so horrified by the plan he fired its director and prepared to dismantle it, which fueled the fire already brewing for his assassination. You must remember that “Poppy� Bush was in charge of Covert Operations for the CIA at that time and had his hands in getting Northwoods passed and approve by the Joint Chief of Staff. The Players haven’t changed that much.
For more proof See:

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