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Free Download, Canadian Anarchist Folk Music

I am anarchist folk singer Joey Only here in Vancouver British Columbia. I'm inviting you to my website to download my music for free. Mostly these are political stories about events here in Canada.
On my website you will find both of my albums free for download. Right now I am not singing because I have been diagnosed with a Vascular Vocal Polyp, it's a big blister red as an apple. I went to the specialist and he stuck this camera tube way up there further than my finger ever dreamt possible, and we looked at it ourselves. Its a big an nasty Polyp alright, even has teeth, was shakin its fist at me. So I gotta go to the surgeons and get it lazered offa there later this month. I aint even aloud to talk for the next while, so i thought this would be a good time to sit at a computer and invite people from around the world to hear the music I been makin. Heck, I got nothin else to do.

You can hear:
-JOEY ONLY & THE EFFIGY SPLIT LP, QUESNEL COUNTY COUNTRY PUNK CONSPIRACY - I teamed up with Quesnel Punk band THE EFFIGY to make a recording highlighting the life of youthful rebels in a small wilderness town. 1/3 folk music, 1/3 rockabilly, 1/3 punk rock.

-JOEY ONLY, RADICAL FOLK OF THE GREAT NORTH - my first CD, all protest songs about riots and battles on Canada's streets and reservations.

go to my site and download em all, put the word out, listen to em, please...

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