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Woodstock 2005: The Party to End it All- Crawford, Texas- Now!

The Police will clamp down the police state measures at the DC protests, Bush probably won't even be in town... but right now he's on a month long vacation in Crawford, Texas.

He's within a days drive of most of America- pack up the car and go... if we come, in masses, surely some sane human with cash will donate the funds to build provide a mini tent city with free food...

surely tons of bands will come and fire up the crowd with awesome music, just go to Crawford- for our children.

this will be The Party...

we will convince the police that we are Good Americans that merely want to Save Our Country. We will free their minds from the propaganda and get them to join us against this fake Cowboy- Frat Boy from hell.

bring tents and lots of water.... and be prepared to stay.

This is IT.

Send this out to everyone you know then get the cooler, sleeping bags and tent, hit the store and go!

Wouldn't it be cool if George Soros or Move On or somebody would charter some busses and buy train tickets for all of the unemployed? The USA funded Ukraines tent city, who is going to fund ours?
To all who want peace in America, now is the time to expose the corruption. We urge everyone to drop their schedules and go to Crawford, Texas right now. It’s time to stage the Party to end all parties, camping out in the heat of texas will make for great tv ;-)

The truth has emerged, it’s just a matter of getting it to the masses. They all Deliberately lied, they Used 9/11 as a pretext for war.

Now Bush, Cheney and all those dopes in Congress are on Vacation! While more innocent Americans and Iraqis continue to die everyday! It is an outrage!

The Big Lie is that America knows Bush Lied about the war and we are all OK with that.

America doesn’t know thanks to the complicit corporate media
And those that do know are not OK with these liars still in charge

Cindy Sheehan, who lost her son in Iraq and is now President of Gold Star Families for Peace, has vowed to stay in Crawford until she meets with Bush.

[pic] just outside Bush’s Ranch in Crawford Texas 8/6/05 doesn’t it look like a perfect spot for The Party

Massive Party in Crawford, Texas NOW. Somebody with money that wants to save America- buy tents and yurts and build the mini-city overnight.

Spearhead, Ani Difranco, Jello Biafra, Willie Nelson, Eddie Vedder, David Rovics, Saul Williams, Supaclean- ALL of you incredible artists that know wtf is going on- please take a detour to texas.

EVERYONE that can play wanted on stage Now. Are there any honest politicians left? If so, please end your vacation and Go To Crawford... and you make $160,000 per year, maybe you could buy some train tickets for some of your unemployed constituents as well, eh?

Are there any professional athletes out there that give a sh*t that this mofo in the White House lied, tricking and forcing thousands of poor American youth to throw away their lives, so these rich bastards could loot our treasury, killing for their dreams of global conquest? And all those basketball stars- don’t you care about your homies in the hood? Go to Crawford, speak out and encourage youth to do the same.

Remember- we can’t allow them to divide and conquer us- are the cops billionaires? No. So they should be on our side- they just don’t know... they’ve been fed propaganda since the day they were born and they really don’t get it. Will somebody please (i would if i could make it to texas) get this bush-terror mp3 (more)and play it for the Crawford police.

Dear Mr. Policemen, why are you siding with these proven liars?

Join with us, We the People, to overthrow these corrupt rulers.

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