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Wal-Mart 'Security' Kills a Man For Allegedly Shoplifting Diapers

I am not making this up. In Atascocita, Texas, a man had a heart attack while laying bare chested on searing pavement, held down by at least five Wal-Mart employees while begging for his life. Justice, Wal-Mart style.
On August 6th, a man suspected of shoplifting diapers and a BB gun at a Wal-Mart store in Atascocita, Texas was chased out into the parking lot of the store. The "security" forces grabbed Stacey Clay Driver, 30, and, as he tried to break loose, ripped his shirt off of him. They threw him to the ground and held him against the hot pavement. The high temperature that day was 96 degrees in the area.

Bystanders attempted to give the man a rug to lay on, but the "security" forces, who were holding the man down with their feet, wouldn't allow it. Driver begged to be let up from the hot pavement and approximately 30 bystanders shouted at the employees to let him up, that he was burning to death. The man was apparently in so much pain that observers said he was raising his body as much as he possibly could, like doing push-ups, even though his hands were handcuffed behind his back.

He finally shouted that he was dying and couldn't breathe. Even after the man lost consciousness, the Wal-Mart "security" employees continued to hold him down. Only when one of the aggressors noted that Driver's fingernails were turning grey did they call an ambulance. When the paramedics arrived, the man was lying on the pavement, still handcuffed. There was no evidence to show that the "security" employees had attempted to administer CPR.

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Re: Wal-Mart 'Security' Kills a Man For Allegedly Shoplifting Diapers

Disgusting, these 5 Wal-Mart employees should all face long term jail, I think life in prison would do it, Guy only took baby stuff, he even paid for it, (ok he switched one or 2 items) to die for $4.99 is unbelievable, I hate Wal-Mart and I hate these 5 killers, I hope they get very long jail sentences and get bit of beating them self's, I hope they get worse possible outcomes and get same treatment they showed to this poor person they killed with no compassion...

Who gave them right to take mans life, who gave them right to even arrest man in such brutal way...
If I was American I would never go to Wal-Mart ever again, not even talking of buying things form these greedy evil corporate pigs...

It just disgust's me how greed of some ppl will do anything to get every buck in his greedy gluttonous evil-twisted behinds, whilst 40 million Americans can't even afford to buy piece of bread...

I hate Wal Mart...

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More on the Wal-Mart Deal

This is a perfect example of what can happen when good people do nothing as policing agencies use excessive force on a shoplifter (or someone else engaging in a minor infraction).

(from a blogger on

"For anyone interested, the following is from a blog on the net ( although I'm not sure if the author was present or where he might be getting his information from:

Saturday, August 13, 2005
Man dies in Wal-Mart parking lot.
It was a 96 degree day in Atascocita, Texas. Stacy Clay Driver, 30, father of a 2-month-old boy, master carpenter and soon-to-be pilot, came flying out of the store. Several Wal-Mart personnel followed him.

They caught him, and Driver twisted and turned until his shirt came off. He broke free, but was soon tackled by five more store personnel. They handcuffed him (!) and held him face-down on the ground. One employee had him in a choke hold. Another had his knee on the man's neck. Another few put pressure on his back.

The asphalt was estimated to be 127 degreees.

Mr. Driver, shirtless and being held on the hot asphalt, begged. "Please, I'm burning, let me up."

They did not.

A store employee brought out a rug for him to lay on. He was told by another employee he was "fine where he was." 30 people gathered, saying "let him up, it's too hot."

They did not.

After about five minutes, Mr. Driver stopped struggling and said "I'm dying, I can't breathe, call an ambulance."

They did not.

One of the customers said "hey, he's not breathing", and was told by an employee that Driver was "just on drugs". He then pointed out that his fingernails were gray. They called an ambulance.

Mr. Driver was dead.

The crime? Did he assault a child? Rob the store? Shoot somebody?

Store employees told investigators Driver entered the store with an item marked with a sticker indicating it had been paid for, then switched the sticker to a more expensive item and tried to leave with it.

The item in question?


Wal-Mart security killed a man for possibly stealing diapers. Does that seem a little fucked up to anyone? And what do you want to bet that all involved get out of it unscathed?

Security cameras prove that nine minutes elapsed from the time Mr. Driver was pinned until the time when the ambulance arrived. The ambulance and 911 records indicate that the ambulance showed up two minutes and nineteen seconds after they received the call. That makes six and half minutes while Wal-Mart held a man on the ground until he literally cooked to death, and 30 people stood around watching.


Re: Wal-Mart 'Security' Kills a Man For Allegedly Shoplifting Diapers

I have trained people in retail loss prevention & worked in that area for 3 major retailers several years ago. I agree the guy face down was miss-treated and WalMart, at some point, is going to pay bigtime for their agent's errors.
Policy for loss protection has changed / evolved over the years, since I worked in the field. Years ago we would actually jump in a company car and "hunt down" a shoplifter,...etc,...whatever it took to make the apprehension, and if the would be shoplifter got rid of his take, well let's just say that we were all "trained" to be sure a crime was documented and follow through with the arrest and court appearance,...even if it meant lying,...which is no different then what police officers all across the country do today. It was just SOP, standard operating procedure...
But those days are long gone for 95% of today's retailers,...I could write a book on what I've seen, me I've seen it all!
Back around 83 I observed 2 women fill a shopping bag with designer sheets at a store owned by The May Company. I was behind them on the down escalator when my hidden radio made a noise,...letting them both know I was on to them. When they got to the bottom, they split up and took off running in different directions. I ran after the woman with the filled bag of bedding. She ran about 1000 yards before I finally caught up to her exiting a Wards store as her accomplice pulled up in their vehicle by the exit door,...she opened the back door to the station wagon and the woman I was chasing tossed the bag of stolen sheets into the back seat. I dove in after it and she basically floored it and drove over both my legs in the process. I was in the hospital for 2 months. To make a long story short,... both women filed a law suit against myself, Hecht Company, (my employer), another store detective who worked under me, and a door sentry (uniformed deterrent agent) who worked for Montgomery Wards, (both of which assisted in the arrest),...for 5 million dollars, claiming they were both so upset about the "incident" they had to seek therapy to help them to have sex with their spouses. The claim was ludicrous at best. But after 2 years, and 5 "phone book" size transcripts of interrogatories later, May's insurance opted to settle the case for $55,000 ($50K to the woman who ran me over, another $5K to her sister who was the getaway car driver) who we never took into custody.
After that I decided it was time for me to make my living training store security personnel full-time instead of working it myself.

Today, I see all the changes which have occurred over the years. Given that,'s hard for me to believe that Wal-Mart knowingly condoned such behavior. Last I checked, their policy was to not peruse a shoplifter beyond 10 feet past the last set of doors. Lowe's (as another example) has a policy that states under no circumstances can any employee call 9-11 unless instructed to by a manager. I do get upset when I see the Wal-Mart "Dinosaur Patrol" blocking shoppers forward movement when the proximity alarm is triggered. Many states would deem such practice as a detainment and therefore an arrest. I'm pretty sure that has not changed,....but like I said, I have been out of the business for many years and policy evolves... BJ's "Shopping Club" is another example of a lawsuit waiting to happen. Rather then spend the money for electronic surveillance, they place dummy tinted camera balls in strategic locations and rely on the uniformed receipt-checking deterrent. It's a disgrace as far as my opinion. When I use to shop at BJ's, I would cause a flurry of activity when I would walk past the door sentry refusing to allow them to check my receipt. I've had them walk up to my car, block my forward movement, etc. I'm waiting for the day one of these poorly trained security guards actually puts there hand on me. I will be sure there are plenty of witnesses watching and it will get real ugly real quick...
So I too can sue and get $$$$$$, LOL! It's just the old school training I received from some of the top loss prevention experts in the country that makes me so arrogant. I do not want my kids to grow up and live in a world where you must produce proof that you are not a criminal. That's essentially what Wal-Mart and BJ's are doing when they block someone from leaving their store due to failure to allow a search of their bags and viewing of their receipt. I mean (correct me if I'm wrong), but I was taught that when you pay for merchandise and receive a register receipt,...that register receipt is your property and you can do what ever you want with it, You can tear it off when it's stapled to a bag, put it in your wallet,...or eat it if so desired. I say to any honest person who gets stopped due to a inventory control alarm sounding off,...just keep on walking. You know you are not a criminal and you should not have to stop and prove that fact to anyone! Those systems can trip for any number of reasons,... tag not magnetically disarmed at checkout,... heart pacemaker,...even spurious radio emissions can fool the sensors. Wal-Mart has another policy that disturbs me. Some states allow the plaintiff in a shoplifting case to recover up to 10 times the retail value of the stolen goods. Rather then prosecute the many iffy/weak cases,....Wal-Mart will often let the would be shoplifter go after signing a confession. They will say "sign the confession or we will call the police to take you to jail",...sign the confession, (release,...etc) and you walk... Then they send out a certified letter demanding 10 times the money of the goods recovered! That, my friend,...has all the earmarks of EXTORTION! OK enough ranting for now. Let's hear some responses to my ranting!

Re: Wal-Mart 'Security' Kills a Man For Allegedly Shoplifting Diapers

fkn god damn fkn store detectives


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