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Nigerian Regime Comes Around Full Circle (corrected)

In 1979, General Obasanjo was removed from office, marking the beginning of Nigeria's 2nd Republic. After several regime changes, he returned to power and by now has worn out his welcome. There is special significance in the mention of Jimmy Carter in this recent editorial calling for Obajsanjo's resignation: relating to help he may have received by way of an unexpected source: Edwin Wilson

"Our president should emulate world statesmen like Nelson Mandela, Jimmy Carter, late Julius (Nwalimu) Nyerere, late Leopold Sedar Senghor and Abdou Diouf both of Senegal. He has the moral duty to step down and allow another person to go in after (including his years as military dictator) 11 years and 8 months in office."


The story of how Libya and Edwin Wilson are involved in this 360 degree turn-about in power will be explained in an upcoming DOGSPOT. The current editorial expresses a fairly popular opinion in Nigeria, so here's a illustrative excerpt:

Obasanjo Should Step Down in 2007

Daily Champion (Lagos)
August 15, 2005
Posted to the web August 15, 2005

By Chidi Egwuasi

"...the irony in the quest for power is that sometimes human beings are over-ambitious even when they know that they are not doing the right thing with such acquired power. This is true of many politicians whenever they get to public office. Such situations are more pronounced in African countries and to some extent in Latin American countries.

There is no doubt that our own dear President loves power going by the recent schemings and manoeuvrings of his foot soldiers. Unfortunately, such ambition has not been matched with performance. Hence, he does not tolerate opposing views. His own views must be accepted whether Nigerians like it or not. No wonder executive performance has been low in this country. He has not performed, simple and short. Our country Nigeria is now worse than what it was during the military era. This is just the fact. Nigerians were living well under the military than under the present democratic dispensation. There are many indices in our country today to prove it.


Our country today is in a parlous state. Nothing is moving. The rate of unemployment in Nigeria now has never been higher in the annals of our economic history even under the much vilified Abacha regime.

For God's sake' what type of democracy are we running?. What is responsible for this ugly and unsatisfactory state of affairs?. Have we sat down to look at the implications of having an army of idle but able-bodied youngmen and women in this country?

Obsanjo accused of fostering tribal hatred

Another dangerous dimension to governance this time round is tribal hatred. Tribalism has never got the type of official support it is getting now. This makes one think we are now running a kind of tribalistic government. Remember Modupe Adelaja and her invectives against the Igbo without reaction, rebuke or even apologies from the appropriate quarters. It is quite unfortunate that those who vehemently opposed Obasanjo's candidacy from the beginning are now smiling all the way while those who supported him at the inception of his administration are now gnashing their teeth. Such does not augur well for the unity of this country. Nigerians have become more tribalistic than ever before because of the policies of exclusion of the present administration.


Our president should emulate world statesmen like Nelson Mandela, Jimmy Carter, late Julius (Nwalimu) Nyerere, late Leopold Sedar Senghor and Abdou Diouf both of Senegal. He has the moral duty to step down and allow another person to go in after 11 years and 8 months in office. That is the only way in which Nigeria can move forward. He should not allow the likes of Greg Mbadiwe to deceive him. If another person comes, Greg will still sing the same song. He should not be like the proverbial Caesar who was wining and dining while Rome was burning. He should not be like Gnassingbe Eyadema who ruled tiny Togo with iron fist for 38 years until death snatched him away. Of course, we are living witnesses to the consequences of the recent presidential elections in Togo where Faure Eyadema was declared the president. One prays very fervently that the situation in that country does not slide into a civil war.

By the way, what about his foreign travels? Except for the GSM rip-off, what other investments have been attracted into this country. One does not want to talk about the recent Debt Forgiveness because the modalities and the conditionalities are still not clear. Nigeria still has to reach an agreement with the IMF.

Many industries in Nigeria are presently dead while civil servants are being sent home. Hence, there is restlessness by the youths of this country. The boys are involved in one crime or the other while the girls go into prostitution as an end in itself and not a means this time around. Of course, we are now in the era of children and women trafficking despite many campaigns by our various first ladies against such vices.

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