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Welcome to the Shitocracy

Stick a fork in their asses, turn them over, they're done!

Welcome to the Shitocracy

Steven Black

Welcome to the shitocracy.  The apex of neo-con ethics, formed from the endless shoveling of made-up and distorted shit heaped against anyone who tries to make a difference in this world.  Welcome to the false reality of self-important mind-controllers who can provide us only with lies and fantasies as heroes.  Welcome to a world where the Fantastic4 and Batman rule the moral landscape while bereaved mothers whose sons and daughters are tossed into the meat grinder of an illegal war are expected to shut the fuck up.  You are living the neo-con dystopia realized and manifested in disinformation, harassment, stalking, depersonalization and psychological gang-rape at the hands of self appointed assholes such as Matt Drudge and Bill O'Reilly.

Don't stand up and speak your mind or the hammer of sleaze will level your head and keep pounding upon it until your personal life is destroyed, your finances are ruined, and you become, not the woman with a scarlet letter emblazoned on her shirt, but the walking dead impaled forever with a sign that says, "loser."  If you believe an injustice has occurred, neo-con ethics tells you to shut up or be destroyed.  This is not the kind of world I was raised in and it was not the kind of world most of us were raised in and yet we lend our hands to the shit-shoveling.  We cower in silence or we join in and fling the slime upon those more courageous than ourselves.  We live in a time when a women who has lost her son to a murderous poor excuse for a president cannot speak up without the entire machine of sleaze coming upon her.  If that is not enough, her petty relatives, including her husband, have to pitch in for the kill.

If this is the new American culture, you can have it.  You can shove it up your "no spin zone" ass.  Fuck America and the shit-for-brains leach at her command!  Or, rise the fuck up!



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Re: Welcome to the Shitocracy

I agree. I'm horrified by the way the US is mutating into an even worse pathogenic human hive. Its like living in the MATRIX and we are all Neo, lost in a babylon of mandated childishness
1. Me first
2.To hell with everyone else
3.I want it NOW and you cant have any
4. MATRIX media fueling the desire for either eating or sex.
5. techo-worship as nature is trashed
6. "trickle down" corporate culture (the trickle is diaharrea)

Check our "The Psychopathic Tendency in World Politics" posted on SC media site Elsewhere (about 8 articles from the top. It explaines why we are living in a human shit hole and who created it. We are their cattle.


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