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Ford Greene, anti-war activist, talks on Free Radio Thursday (8/18)

Ford Greene will be giving us a blow-by-blow of his latest battle with the San Anselmo City Council 6:30 PM Thursday evening on Bathrobespierre's Broadsides FRSC at 101.1 FM
The Town Council of the City of San Anselmo (a City 15 miles north of San Francisco in Marin County) is trying to rework their rules and regulations on signs in a deliberate attempot to have anti-war / anti-fascism signs removed from a particular building, a sign which often contains truthful statements about George W. Bush and his war crime atrocities, and a sign which often supports an upside down American flag -- a sign that the nation is in distress and needs assistance.

On August 9th, the Planning Commission met with the Town Council on the merits of freedom of speech in the city. Greene will report on that meeting.

This attack on freedom of speech of anti-war / anti-fascism activists is an important one. It's a local fight for the right to oppose what the Bush regime stands for; a fight that is taking place across the country in various degrees.

In the past local HUFF activists have gone to court, sometimes to jail for posting signs about human rights violations in Santa Cruz. The HUFF Vigil Against Two Wars was dispersed by police in March 2003 after a week of round-the-clock picketing and protesting at Cooper and Pacific.

Anti-war activists holding signs on the N. Branciforte overpass faced harassment from CHP officers.

John Maurer, a homeless man, is currently suing the City of Santa Cruz for a false arrest because he had a "fuck the pigs" sign in his hat, protesting police abuse.

Call in at 831-427-3772 with your questions, or e-mail me in advance at rnorse3 (at)

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More on Greene's struggle

See also the indymedia story on Ford Greene, along with his website where youc an find many examples of the signs he's displayed. Check out

My radio interview with him will be archived at under "Bathrobespierre's Broadsides" and the date of the show (05-08-18). Or go directly to .


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